As Teairra Mari Evades Arrest, 50 Cent Presents More Claims Against Her

Photo credits: Venturelli/Brad Barket/BET/Getty Images for BET/WireImage

2019 has not started off on a positive note for Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood actress Teairra Mari (pictured right).

After losing her fruitless and embarrassing “revenge porn” civil suit against urban drama TV producer 50 Cent (pictured left), Mari was swiftly counter-sued and a $30,000 judgement was leveled against her to compensate 50 for his legal fees in the case.

However, the “Make Her Feel Good” singer must have not known the repercussions of bringing a frivolous lawsuit against someone, which wastes taxpayer money.

As the counter-suit phase of Mari’s legal battle with the “Candy Shop” hit maker dragged on, she brought negative publicity on herself, which exposed a spiteful degree of bitterness over her loss in court.

During all the days that went by where Mari would not pay up, 50 Cent’s high-powered legal team went to work. Continuances were granted for future court dates because 50 wanted a follow-up investigation into Mari’s finances as he waited to collect her court-sanctioned debt to him.

The most recent court hearing ordered by a California judge in this case was held April 22, 2019. Mari failed to appear at this hearing and the judge issued a warrant for her arrest out of Los Angeles, California.

The next day on April 23, 2019, Vibe Magazine falsely reported that Mari was arrested by police only one day after her arrest warrant was issued. In the meantime, 50 has used Instagram to speak out about Marie’s dilemma and post his signature bravado online.

Apparently, the case has taken another turn as 50’s legal team has presumably concluded that due to her violation of a court order, Mari may indeed owe more money than the original $30,000 judgement.

“See this s**t ain’t funny now. It’s funky. You best be coming up with my money. I’m a need 75K now after they add all additional legal fees. The law is the law,” 50 posted in a statement on Instagram.

This is not Mari’s first time running afoul with the law. In 2011, she was criminally charged after an incident in Beverly Hills, California with a list of serious offenses, including DWI and committing assault against a law enforcement officer.

She was arrested and released after posting a $50,000 bond in that case, according to Billboard Magazine.