Biden’s Job Approval Rating Is So Disastrous, His Own Party Is Shying Away From Him

Photo credits: ABC News

According to the most recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey, President Biden has his lowest-ever support rating after assuming power, and Democrats are primarily to blame.

Currently, 36% of respondents in the survey approve of the job Biden is doing as U.S. president. In the data, a 9-point loss inside his own party is to blame for the 4 percentage-point decline from June.

Even while 75% of Democrats support Biden’s efforts, that number is deemed low for a president’s political party. According to a study conducted last month, 84 percent of Democrats indicated they agreed with Biden’s job performance.

Republicans and independents support Biden’s leadership significantly less; only 5% of Republicans and 28% of independents do so. They are the same as they were a month ago.

To put things in perspective, Donald Trump’s approval rating within his party when he was president had not ever scored that lousy on the poll, not even after the Jan. 6 uprising (77%) or the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally (76%).

The Charlottesville tragedy resulted in one fatality among a group of protesters who organized against the white supremacist rally. To make matters worse, Trump insanely stated the protestors and rally holders were “very fine people, on both sides.”

The aforementioned Trump-related statistics, however, reveal more about how accepting most American voters are of authoritarian leadership in the country’s dominant culture.

As for the current president and his political party (which barely has control of the U.S. Congress) there are nagging new problems, which have made the Democrats look disastrously powerless.

Biden has not been able to persuade enough senators to rally behind his proposals on issues ranging from student loan debt to climate change legislation, and the scalding hot-button issue of abortion rights for women.

U.S. Senator. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is one Democratic senator, especially who has frequently obstructed legislation and infuriated progressive voters and political figures.

According to a recent New York Times/Siena College survey, two-thirds of Democrats indicated they would prefer someone else to represent their party in 2024, mostly due to the fact that Biden is approaching 80 years of age.

Black voters had a significant role in Biden’s election, in large part. According to the most recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, non-white voters approve of Biden at 40%, which is better than white voters’ approval rating of 34% but still below where any Democrat or Biden would like it to be.

In spite of the current division, Biden still appears to have a chance of winning, especially if he faces off against Trump again.