BOMBSHELL: Lori Loughlin’s New Claim in Bribery Trial Dismantles the Prosecution’s Case

Photo credits: The Boston Globe

Former television actress Lori Loughlin (pictured front and center) may get a major break in her federal bribery case, which stemmed from her alleged role in a college admissions scandal.

Loughlin, 55, and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are co-defendants in a criminal case that rocked America like an earthquake when it first unfolded. It looked for a while as though Loughlin, a lifetime media darling (who the world fell in love with during her days on “Full House”) was destined to go to prison.

According to federal prosecutors, the PRISM Award-winning actress and her husband were involved in a massive college admissions exam scheme. This ring of illicit activity involved culprits nationwide. The presumed mastermind of the scheme is a man named Rick Singer. However, Loughlin’s new claim about Singer may exonerate her.

On February 26, Sean Berkowitz, Loughlin’s attorney, filed a court motion on her behalf. Berkowitz has requested that the upcoming trial date for his clients be postponed. According to documents obtained by People Magazine, Loughlin has some big-time dirt in a new claim, which involves Singer and federal agents.

A trial postponement is needed because investigating this new bombshell claim obviously requires additional time. Apparently, per the defense team’s claim, Singer was ordered by the FBI to intentionally lie; specifically when it came to parents involved in the scheme. Were they really aware if they were paying bribes, or not?

“Singer’s notes indicate that FBI agents yelled at him and instructed him to lie by saying that he told his clients who participated in the alleged ‘side door’ scheme that their payments were bribes, rather than legitimate donations that went to the schools,” wrote Berkowitz in the court documents obtained by People.

This new and riveting revelation from the defense about exculpatory evidence creates a nightmare scenario for prosecutors.