Bun B Reveals the Reason Why Jay Z Once Had Him Removed From Music Video Set

Photo credits: BET/Getty Images, Greg Allen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

During his guest appearance on a recent podcast, Texas rap pioneer Bun B (pictured left) talked with the host about a strange music industry experience, which involuntarily put him at odds with a well-known hip-hop mogul.

Bun B (born Bernard Freeman) sat down for an interview on July 9 with Sama’an Ashrawi on his podcast called The Nostalgia MixtapeAt some point during the podcast episode, Bun B recalled an inconvenient incident, which occurred in 2005 on the set of a music video for a hit song by singer Beyoncé (pictured center). During the shoot for her song “Check on It” (featuring Texas rapper Slim Thug and Bun B himself), Bun claims he was booted off the set at the behest of New York rapper/businessman Jay Z (pictured right).

At the time, Jay Z and Beyoncé were an item but had to unite in marriage, which eventually occurred in April of 2008. However, Jay Z placed a phone call to someone on the set of the Hype Williams-directed music video. He asked to speak with one of Beyoncé’s production assistants. Bun said that after that point, things went awry. He shared his experience with Ashrawi and explained how it went down.

“This is in New York. So we’re on the set and we’re filming the video, and if you look at the video, there’s a lot of kind of skimpy outfits. [My wife] Queenie is there also, so it’s not like I’m there salivating over another woman. But we’re like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy. Beyoncé’s dancing in this short skirt and she’s dancing in like a bikini,’ type of thing, you know,” Bun B said.

The legendary UGK co-founder went on to describe the energy of the setting in even more detail.

“While all of this was happening, I think this is the scene with the chair, so it’s like her and several other girls and they all have these short skirts on and they’re all dancing seductively on the chair. They’ve got a leg up on the chair so you can kind of see some thigh and maybe a little bit of butt if you’re staring hard enough, and Jay-Z calls and talks to one of her assistants,” he continued.

Expressing a hunch, Bun B told the hip-hop-loving podcaster who he thought Jay Z may have been speaking with on the phone at the time.

“If I had to guess it would’ve been her cousin Angie that he would’ve talked to because Angie has always been a right hand to Beyoncé. He’s like, ‘Yeah how’s the video going, what’s going good, are the guys there?’ All the guys that are with us are the only men there. Well, let me say this: there were other men there, but they [were gay],” Bun B recalled.

However, in a fit of overprotective rage, Jay Z made some stern demands over the phone, which were immediately carried out by producers on the set of the video shoot.

“So they immediately come over to us and they kick all of us out to our dressing rooms and we’re told to stay there until we have to shoot. We’re not allowed to watch Beyoncé dance anymore,” Bun B added.

But in her ever-gracious state of being, Beyoncé approached Bun B and offered an apology to him after he was segregated from the set of her video shoot.

“[She told us], ‘I’m so sorry you guys had to leave the room but Jay’s not comfortable’ And we’re all like, ‘We understand fully, that’s no problem, we’re happy to be here,'” Bun B confirmed.

It certainly appears as if Jay Z was the jealous type when he was still in the boyfriend stage with his current wife. However, it is unclear whether or not the music executive has carried over such a disposition during his marital stage with Beyoncé. Hypersexualization is certainly a common thread, which is woven into the imagery of the music, movies, and other elements of popular culture.

Jay Z definitely knows this for himself and has experienced it during his “Big Pimpin” days alongside Bun B during a very risque, vixen-heavy video shoot that they worked on together as men.

But hopefully, Jay Z has been thoughtful enough of his wife to build the same boundaries in her honor that he once had built in his honor as her then-boyfriend.