Candidate Who Ran for County Sherriff is Suing Local KS Gov for FRAUD and MORE!


A young lady who was on pace to become the first Black woman elected as the sheriff of Wyandotte County, Kansas has filed suit — against the same local government she previously sought to prevent corruption inside of.

Celisha Towers (left) is a plaintiff in what has been publicly declared as a class action lawsuit, which was filed against the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City Kansas. Towers is also a former employee of the Unified Government who worked in the municipality’s division of the county sheriff’s office. The multi-faceted civil suit, which she is a part of, has charged the Unified Government with a slew of tortious actions that are related to rampant corruption.

One of those actions outlines a case of suspected election fraud, which was allegedly conducted for racially discriminatory purposes — following a general election for local offices that was held on November 2, 2021.

“Over 30,000 valid Democratic ballots were cast by minorities in the races for Wyandotte County (KS) Sheriff and Kansas City, Kansas Mayor but the were refused and rejected [in a group of local districts within the city and county],” reads a flyer Towers sent me electronically, which is being distributed to publicize this case.

“In the first, second, third, fourth, and eighth districts within the borders of Wyandotte and its county seat of Kansas City, Kansas, Unified Government Election Commissioner Michael Abbott and Scott Schwab, the Republican Secretary of State in Kansas, as well as Henry Couchman (Senior Attorney of the Unified Government’s General Counsel) refused to certify Towers as Sheriff,” the statement on the flyer goes on to read.

“Daniel Soptic (pictured right, and it the current Sheriff of Wyandotte County, Kansas) has failed to show that he had 9,000 ballots cast in his favor at the Unified Government’s Election Office. So, judges on the Kansas district and federal level are trying to destroy evidence by preventing [this case] from going to trial,” the statement said.

In addition to this, Towers is seeking millions in back pay from the Unified Government. Her suit charges the municipal agency of tortious retaliation for its racial profiling of her. Her efforts to advocate for minority voters are valiant. They live in an area governed by an establishment with a track record on corruption, which dates back for decades.

Towers is pursuing to have her case heard by the Kansas Supreme Court. A question I sent to her inquiring about legal representation was not responded to at press time.