Cardi B Pleaded Not Guilty at Arraignment, Faces Four-Year Sentence if Convicted

Photo credits: Jordan Strauss/Shutterstock/Invision/AP/REX/

On Tuesday (June 25), rapper Cardi B entered a plea at an arraignment hearing to answer the charges contained in her recent criminal indictment.

According to CNN, the 26-year old entertainer (born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) pleaded not guilty earlier this week in a Queens, New York courtroom. Cardi B’s case is being prosecuted by John Ryan, the Acting District Attorney of Queens County, NY.

Ryan’s office previously received a Grand Jury indictment related to this case and seeks to aggressively pursue a conviction. There are also two other co-defendants being prosecuted who will eventually be ordered to stand trial.

In April 2019, Cardi B rejected a plea deal offered to her by the Queens County District Attorney’s Office. The Bronx-born rapper could have totally avoided the possibility of jail time by pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge.

However, after further investigation, prosecutors in Queens ultimately took the case to a Grand Jury.

Cardi B and her two co-defendants are collectively facing a dozen criminal charges, including felonious assault, harassment, conspiracy and second-degree reckless endangerment. In a June 25 statement, District Attorney Ryan took a firm stance.

“The defendants in this case are accused of two premeditated attacks on two women working at a club in Queens last summer,” Ryan said, according to CNN.

“The victims allegedly had glass bottles hurled at them, alcoholic drinks thrown in their faces, and one woman’s head was slammed into the bar. This kind of violence won’t be tolerated in our community,” Ryan continued.

“The defendants will be held accountable for their alleged actions,” he added.

Cardi B’s attorney Jeff Kern did not immediately return CNN’s pursuits of further follow up after his client’s arraignment. However, Kern did previously state that he is not privy to evidence, which proves his client inflicted bodily harm.

In its Tuesday report, CNN did not provide details about future court dates related to this matter. However, if Cardi B is convicted by a Queens jury on all the counts in her indictment, she could be sentenced by a judge to four years in prison.

HVY will be following this case as more news breaks in the coming weeks.