Cardi B’s Application For Trademarking “Okurrr” Denied by U.S. Patent Office

Photo credits: Steve Granitz

This past March, an attorney representing rapper Cardi B (pictured) filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The “Please Me” performer applied with the federal labeling administration for the purpose of trademarking her designated “Okurrr” catchphrase. Cardi B (born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) was interested in putting the phrase on her own brands of merchandise.

Doreen Small was the attorney that filed the application on behalf of Cardi’s company called Washpoppin, Inc. In addition to music, Cardi B has her own brand of products. Eye shadow, waist trainers, and clothing are some of the items in her portfolio.

Trademarking her popularized “Okurrr” catchphrase was a good business idea that could have netted her more millions. If trademarked, stamping the phrase on her assortment of merchandise would have made great marketing sense.

“You think I ain’t going to profit off this sh*t? White people do it all the motherf**king time! So you’re going to be mad at me because I want to make some motherf**king money?” the rapper said last March in a profanity-laced Instagram story.

“Let me tell you something: while I’m here, I’m going to secure all the f**king bags,” she continued.

However, this savvy marketing idea was rejected. According to CNN, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently denied Cardi’s application.

“[This office denies Cardi B’s application because “Okurrr” is a] commonplace term, message, or expression widely used by a variety of sources. [It] merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment,” the patent office wrote.

“[The ‘Okurrr’ phrase is] commonly used in the drag community and by celebrities as an alternate way of saying ‘OK’. It is also something that is said to affirm when someone is being put in their place,”‘ the office also wrote on Cardi’s application.

According to a July 1 report, CNN’s attempt to reach a representative in Small’s office was unsuccessful.