Claressa Shields vs. Laila Ali Feud Lives On; Shields Shows TMZ Ali’s Angry DMs

Photo credits: TrapFotos/SHO/Champside

At the beginning of this year, a feud began between Claressa Shields (pictured left) and Laila Ali (pictured right) after Shields proclaimed herself to be the greatest female boxing champion of all time.

In an interview on Sway in the Morning, Ali said she would knock Shields out. Ali also said that Shields looks up to her father, the late, great, and legendary Muhammad Ali. Ali also said that she and her father thought it was “flattering” and “sweet” when Shields called herself the “GWOAT (Greatest Woman of All Time)” after she became a three-division titleholder in women’s boxing. Sway appears to have the receipts as he talks to Ali.

Below is a clip of Ali’s January 2020 interview on Sway in the Morning.

Another Round in the Shields/Ali Saga

Fast-forward to a few months later, and you have Shields playing the victim. She did a recent interview with TMZ Sports in which she exposed some fiery direct messages on Twitter from Ali.

“She goes, You are a real punk. Talking all that sh*t publicly but trying to make nice in private,’” Shields told the tabloid media outlet.

“I’m gonna teach you a whole lot of things that will make you a better fighter and person. Lesson #1: Learn to shut your mouth about money being there because it’s not there until it’s in an escrow account. I can see right through you and always have. So just be patient, and hopefully, you will have the opportunity to try and knock me out,” Shields quoted Ali as saying.

“Even though you’re not even hurting these soft girls you have been fighting,” Shields also quoted Ali as messaging her.

Lately, Shields has been exercising her Twitter fingers in other attempts to bait Ali into making a bigger spectacle of their feud. However, Ali’s professional record is 24-0 with 21 knockouts. Shield’s professional record is 10-0 but she has only scored a measly two knockouts. Numbers always find a way to speak for themselves.

Shields’ interview with TMZ Sports can be viewed below.

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