Congratulations to Mariah Carey: A New Inductee In The Songwriters Hall of Fame

Photo credits: Columbia Records

Pop music megastar Mariah Carey (pictured) has been formally admitted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame – and thus, the world has appropriately congratulated her.

Carey has been acclaimed for her timeless compositions, such as “Hero,” “We Belong Together,” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” All of the aforementioned songs reached number one on the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart.

In 1995, Carey’s fifth solo album entitled Daydream was released on Columbia Records in early autumn. This full-length effort has sold more copies than any other project the angel-voiced singer has ever released in her entire career, according to Music Times.

The publication’s database claims that Daydream has sold 7.7 million units globally since its release during the golden era of contemporary hip-hop and R&B music – a sound that Carey’s music began to sound influenced by – after her break from making music that sounded more suitable for contemporary pop radio.

Overall, Carey’s music versatility and angelic, one-of-a-kind voice have contributed to sales of what ScreenRant claims is a career total of a whopping 220 million records worldwide.

She has been on a career-long campaign to be rightfully acknowledged – as the iconic voice behind her hits and the innovative songwriter who masterminded them. Carey is the 33rd woman in U.S. history to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Carey started decades ago on a difficult journey that culminated with the awarding of her new honor. Nonetheless, she is now a member of the prestigious Hall of Fame – alongside her fellow members of the Class of 2022.

Other artists, such as The Neptunes (a music production team comprised of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams) and The Isley Brothers were also inducted into the Hall of Fame during the same ceremony in which Carey was honored.

The commemorating Songwriters Hall of Fame 51st Annual Induction and Awards Gala was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City on June 16, 2022.