Drugs Found in NFL Safety Montae Nicholson’s Home After Woman’s Fatal Overdose There

Photo credits: Associated Press

(Photo credits: Dreshare)

A candlelight vigil was held last week for 21-year-old Julia E. Crabbe (pictured above) in the Washington D.C. suburb of Loudoun County, Virginia.

Crabbe, of Reston, Virginia, was pronounced dead after being checked into the emergency room at the Loudoun County Hospital around 1:30 a.m. on November 14. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office claimed Crabbe was admitted to a local medical center “unconscious and unresponsive,” CNN reported. She reportedly died in the emergency room a short time later.

Kraig Troxell (a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokesman) told CNN that a fatal drug overdose was the official cause of death declared in Crabbe’s case. Deputies at the sheriff’s office subsequently obtained a search warrant and converged on a town home in Ashburn, Virginia. This townhouse was allegedly one of Crabbe’s last locations prior to overdosing on the drugs.

During their search, Loudoun County sheriff’s deputies confiscated narcotics (including pills) and drug paraphernalia inside the town home.

The owner of this Ashburn townhouse is Montae Nicholson (pictured at the top, number 35), an NFL safety who plays for the city’s hometown Washington Redskins. Allegedly, Nicholson, 23, and another male (who is unnamed so far) dropped Crabbe off at the hospital. A phone call made by Nicholson was also placed to Crabbe’s parents just after one o’clock a.m. on November 14.

According to a blog post about Crabbe’s death on Dreshare.com, she was a model who began dating Nicholson about six months before her reported fatal drug overdose last week. So far, Nicholson is cooperating with the police investigation currently being conducted by authorities. At this time, he has not been charged in connection with Crabbe’s death.

However, CNN also reported that there are two unidentified confidential police informants sharing details regarding this case. These details could be regarded by a defense attorney of Nicholson’s as incriminating information. But a legal representative for the Redskins DB is maintaining his client’s innocence.

“Mr. Nicholson has no knowledge of the narcotics that were found. They would have belonged either to the victim or a guest of the home. Mr. Nicholson did not provide her with narcotics,” said Mark Dycio, Nicholson’s attorney, in a recent phone interview with CNN.

The police investigation associated with this case is in its preliminary phase and is ongoing. HVY will provide further details as they become available in the near future.