Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Bid Comes to an End

Photo credits: Michael Wyke/Shutterstock

After major strides by top Democratic candidates were made on Super Tuesday, a former frontrunner has suspended their sputtering campaign.

On Thursday morning (March 5) Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (pictured) called her campaign committee’s headquarters to say she was dropping out of the race. Warren did not win a single state on Super Tuesday, not even in Massachusetts where she serves as a U.S. senator.

“We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together – what you have done – has made a lasting difference. I may not be in the race for President in 2020, but this fight — our fight — is not over. And our place in this fight has not ended,” Warren told her staff via telephone.

Unlike Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar (who both endorsed Joe Biden after dropping out), Warren expressed her hesitance to follow suit. While speaking to reporters on Thursday (March 5) Warren would not immediately say which candidate she would endorse for president.

“Let’s take a deep breath and think about this,” she said.

“[There’s room for a] a progressive lane that Bernie Sanders is the incumbent for, and a moderate lane that Joe Biden is the incumbent for, and there’s no room for anyone else in this. I thought that wasn’t right. But evidently I was wrong,” Warren added.

Her recent debate antics against Michael Bloomberg (who also dropped out of the race) must have worked against her.

In the Texas and California primaries of Super Tuesday, Warren finished in fourth place behind Bloomberg in both states. However, she did receive praise from frontrunner Bernie Sanders. The U.S. Senator from Vermont spoke favorably on Thursday in his home state about her.

“She has run a very strong, issue-oriented campaign. And the reason that her campaign ideas will remain viable for many, many years is she has changed political consciousness in America, which at the end of the day is the most important thing that any candidate could do,” Sanders said.

After Warren’s disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses, she never recovered. Now she has a critical choice to make. Do you rally against the Democratic establishment or do you side with it?

As long as Warren remains in her seat as a Washington D.C. legislator, she will have to decide soon as the race goes on.