Family, Friends, & Fans Mourn Death of Kansas City Hip-Hop DJ & Entrepreneur

DJ KC/Coast2Coast

Today in the bi-state Greater Kansas City Metro Area, memorial services will be held in honor of a nationally renowned hip-hop DJ and music producer.

DJ K.C. (pictured left), passed away in the early morning hours of May 16, 2021, at a local hospital in Kansas City. Just after 8 AM  that day, his mother, Jacqueline Cole, announced the musician and entrepreneur’s death via Facebook. DJ K.C (born Kevin L. Cole, Jr.) reportedly suffered a severe ailment, which could have stemmed from an undiagnosed health condition. Efforts to resuscitate him showed promise but ultimately failed.

The Kansas City, Kansas-born businessman was 41-years-old at the time of his death.

Over the course of a music-hatched career, which spanned nearly 20 years, Cole blazed a trail of serial entrepreneurship. In the early 2000s, DJ K.C co-founded Re-Comp Records along with his younger brother, Sylvester “Slyneezy” Cole. The combined star charisma, fashionable sharpness, and slick lyricism of his younger brother merged well with DJ KC’s shrewd business savvy, industrial connections, and vision-oriented mission.

In 2003, the brothers released their first project under the Re-Comp Records banner. They formed a group called Crooked Family, which consisted of DJ K.C, Slyneezy, male R&B singer Julius “Ju” Miller, and a melodic, rapid-fire MC, known as Psycho Capone. The group’s 11-track album titled “Crooked Wayz” featured Kansas City, Missouri’s underground rap king Rich the Factor, and seasoned Kansas City, Kansas hip-hop vet Nelson El.

Former Re-Comp Records artist La La, a female R&B singer, also appeared solo on the album’s bonus track. The bulk of the album was produced by beatsmith Enoch “Misery” Johnson, who also offers a guest verse. The “Crooked Wayz” album sold thousands of CDs and new orders from Disc Makers were made after the first-round shipments sold out. The music media blog Good Old Dayz called the project a “solid gangsta rap album.”

The success and notoriety of DJ K.C. and Re-Comp records got followed up with new mixtape projects, exclusive invitations to party hard with the music industry’s biggest names from the underground, as well as via mainstream, and concert performance opportunities to open up for national acts (for Busta Rhymes in 2004 at K-State University’s auditorium).

Sponsored by big names, such as DatPiff and Coast2Coast Mixtapes, DJ KC went on to release 16 full-length rap projects, including the KC Royals-inspired “World Series Editon (pictured right).” One of his biggest benchmarks was hosting a mixtape project released by currently-trending Chicago rapper Lil’ Durk. DJ KC ventured off into other business industries as well, such as film, graphic design, and book publishing.

His reflective first book “Seeds of a Man: Nourishment From the Soil” was released in 2017 via Amazon and garnered the attention of CBS News.

As DJ KC’s former business partner, fellow rap artist, and former contract coordinator who served as Re-Comp’s A&R representative, I can definitely attest to his multi-dimensional, determined, and driven entrepreneurial spirit. Outside of business, my close bond with him long ago showed me one thing that Mr. Cole, Jr, valued the most: Family.

“I’m definitely a family man and the value of family remains traditional for me,” he wrote in a book ad via Amazon.

“As you read in [my] book, I am a Father and Husband. I like to help others bring out their true creative talents and will assist in any way I can. I also have a passion for music and graphic designs. As I also mentioned in the book, I am a very hard-working man. There’s really nothing I don’t enjoy doing; as long as it’s productive and fulfilling,” he added.

Rest in peace, comrade. Through me, your works will live forever.

Our trailblazing Renaissance man leaves many to mourn in his death. This includes his wife (Shamil Cole), several children (including Kevin Cole III), parents (father Kevin Cole, Sr. and mother Jacqueline) his brother Slyvester, his sister Joslyn, nieces ( such as Sylvia Cole), nephews (such as Darius Cole), as well as a whole host of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Family, friends, fans, and more can attend DJ KC’s memorial to celebrate his life at the times (CST) and location listed below:

Highland Park Funeral Home and Crematory

May 21, 2021

4101 State Avenue Kansas City, KS 66102

Viewing: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Funeral: 11 AM to 12:00 PM