Final Trailer Released for the Second Season of KC Film Director’s Amazing Vision

Photo credits: TRUTH Apparel Clothing Company

Greetings to our Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) students and all those residing in the municipality of Wyandotte County, Kansas!

Today, I would like to congratulate the great Shalenda Gunnels (pictured right) for an outstanding appearance in her episode of the T.R.U.T.H Apparel Mini-Mentary series! The trailer for “Soulful Revival: The Shalenda Gunnels Story” was just released! It is the fifth episode of T.R.U.T.H’s second-season film offering titled “Beautiful, Black, and Bold: A Mini-Mentary Series.”

This two-season docuseries has paid tribute to some outstanding Kansas City area residents who have been staples of their entire community! This riveting film masterpiece was produced and directed by KCKCC’s very own Roger M. Suggs (pictured left), a warrior of progress for our local area students, business owners, and community residents.

Last season, Mr. Suggs masterfully engineered a 10-part docuseries (produced in association with GTN Films and Toyota) that featured a who’s who line-up of trailblazers from the Kansas City area community.

Gary Wilson, musician Crayge Lindesay, James Holt, Wayne Hubbard, Christopher Williams, LaVance Meeks, Jr., musician Talena Acon, musician America Patton, Luther Smith, Adrian Jasper, Orechia Towers, Joseph Straws III and his wife Nikol Straws, Brandon “B-Will” Williams, Joshua “J-Watts” Watson and his wife Me’Kel Watson, Taiasha Nichols, and musician Rizz Illuminated all appeared in the stellar first season of this amazing cinematic vision.

The second season of this film series also stars the lovely KC entrepreneurs “Keisha Kandi Apples” and Tameca Lash. “Beautiful, Black, and Bold” co-star LaTanya Skillern appears in episode number three. Last but certainly not least, political activist Celisha Towers emphatically appears in a soul-stirring second episode to tell her story.

I graciously thank Mr. Suggs for his belief in Ms. Coleman and the trust he had in me to cast her in this remarkable film project! Many thanks to all the stars, producers, managers (such as Betsy Helgager Hughes), and film crew members who made this miracle come true!

Also, I give MANY THANKS to the executives at Toyota Motors North America for their unwavering corporate sponsorship, which has placed a spotlight on a city that helped make me who I am today!

To support the great cause, which inspired this powerful film project, I encourage everyone to donate any dollar amount possible at

Once again, thank you, Kansas City and God bless!


Victor B. Trammell, Jr.
Founding Member, HVY Journalists