Former NFL Running Back Chris Johnson Named in Murder-for-Hire Case, He Denies Allegations

Photo credits: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

A former NFL standout at the running back position has been named by prosecutors in Florida as the ringleader of a 2016 murder-for-hire plot, which was carried out by gang members in Orange County.

TMZ Sports recently obtained court documents, which outline a case being made against former Tennessee Titans halfback Chris Johnson (pictured). Johnson, 34, is being investigated by the Florida Attorney General’s office over two 2016 murders that allegedly occurred in retaliation to a March 2015 murder and attempted murder attack against the former Pro Bowler.

In this particular shooting, which occurred in Orlando, Johnson was riding in a Jeep with a close friend of his at the wheel. The two men were ambushed during a drive-by shooting that could have taken Johnson’s life and took his friend’s life. Dreekius Oricko Johnson, the driver of the Jeep, died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police claimed that Johnson was uncooperative with authorities after he was shot. This was for good reason. Most police departments criminalize black men even when they are legitimate victims of random crimes. However, in 2016, two separate murders reportedly committed by a known gang member linked to Johnson put the former elite athlete on the radar of police.

Prosecutors claim Dominic Bolden, a feared Florida gang member murdered two men in two separate incidents during January and July of 2016. After allegedly committing the killings, Bolden was believed to be the hitman in a murder-for-hire retaliation plan, which prosecutors believe was orchestrated by Johnson.

Johnson has not been formally charged and denied the allegations by tweeting “False news.” According to BET, a designated spokesman of Johnson’s has also said that the former running back (nicknamed CJ2K) is not in any way involved in these crimes. Johnson played in the NFL for 10 seasons with three different franchises (Tennessee Titans, NY Jets, and the Arizona Cardinals).

He is one of the very few running backs in NFL history to surpass 2,000 rushing yards in a single season.