Guterres’ Proposal to Deploy UN Force in Israeli/Palestine Conflict is a Sane Playbook for Peace

Photo credits: Michael Gottschalk/Photothek via Getty Images

Two days after Thanksgiving in 1947, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly finalized a resolution, which called for the then British-controlled, Middle Eastern nation of Palestine to be divided among Arabs and Jews.

Since the UN’s foundation in 1945, statehood in the Holy Land was sought for the Jewish victims who suffered during WW2 under Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin’s dictatorships in Europe. Millions upon millions of them were killed and displaced by the time WW2 finally ended in 1945. The original plan in the UN’s so-called Partition of Palestine separated the former British protectorate into four Arab states and three Jewish ones.

The UN resolution was passed with a vote of 33-13 by the global legislative body’s General Assembly. All of the major Western powers (including the U.S., U.K., and France), several South American nations, South Africa, and a number of Asian powers (including China) voted in favor of the UN’s first resolution to divide Palestine. Even the Soviet Union (now Russian Federation) voted in favor of legitimizing a Jewish state in the Middle East.

However, all six of the original Arab UN countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen) rejected the resolution and did not recognize its legitimacy. In fact, the first in a series of three major Arab-Israeli wars broke out in 1948 less than a full year after the UN’s resolution was passed. The ideology that solidified Jewish statehood in the modern state of Israel is called Zionism.

Zionist forces (including the IDF and the Lehi) have fiercely defended Israel against every Arab uprising launched from Palestine’s occupied territories, especially in Gaza. The relentlessly bloody, overwhelming, and heavy-handed military responses by Zionist forces over the decades have guaranteed one-sided Zionist victories in a war that has not technically subsided since the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

These Zionist campaigns of genocide have inspired a number of armed and extremist Palestinian Islamist groups to emerge in the abandoned nation’s occupied territories. Groups such as the FATAH Movement, Islamic Jihad of Palestine, HAMAS, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and As-Sa’iqa (Palestine’s branch of the Syrian Ba’ath Party) have wreaked havoc in a region that probably has one of the highest body counts on Earth.

Though it is a leading UN powerbroker, the U.S. has not been consistent in its support for groups on both sides of this Holy Land’s conflict. Since 1947, there have been some U.S. presidents who were pro-Zionist and others who were pro-Palestinian. There have also been presidents who have done little to support both demographic sides of the conflict.

Nonetheless, violence and carnage continue to be carried out. U.S. taxpayer money continues to find its way into the hands of armed extremist groups on both sides that are hell-bent on furthering the instability. This is why groups like HAMAS burn U.S. flags during protests. It is also why distrusting Hebrew scholars in Tel Aviv do not believe American-born Jewish practitioners of Judaism are real Jews.

But in very recent history, an idea was pitched to the UN’s General Assembly, which may indeed contain the playbook to peace in the Middle East.

In June 2019, the UN’s present-day Secretary-General  Antonio Guterres (pictured) proposed that a military-equipped, peace-keeping UN force be deployed to the Holy Land. Guterres’ wanted to curb Israel’s constant bombardment of Gaza, Palestine, which at the time was going way overboard. Almost 200 Palestinian civilians in Gaza were killed by Zionist forces from March 2019 to June 2019.

This wholesale Arab slaughter was delivered to Palestinian men, women, and children after the HAMAS military wing in Gaza began attacking Zionist soldiers.

“The targeting of civilians, particularly children, is unacceptable. Those responsible for violations of international humanitarian law must be held accountable,” the Portuguese-born Guterres said in a statement.

In closing, it is widely known that Israel also has nuclear weapons. The Zionist forces controlling this nation have shown wanton aggression and recklessness. The Arab jihadists are no better, often figuratively using their own people as human shields as Israel flattens Palestinian cities with American-funded bombs. However, none of these Arab militias are nuclear-armed. Nevertheless, Israel’s unbridled aggression must be kept under control.

If not, Iran’s growing nuclear threat will be thrown into the mix along with its ally, Russia; a formidable superpower that no longer relies on the Zionist-inspired monopoly over the world’s banking system. May peace prevail.