More About Bloomberg’s Sexist Past Explicitly Revealed in New GQ Magazine Exposé

Photo credits: LaCorte News

Billionaire and former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg has both the money and marketability to compete solidly against Donald Trump as a Democrat in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

For the most part, Trump’s successful Republican bid for the White House in 2016 was achieved due to the billionaire’s freedom and ability to finance his own campaign. He was also able to hire a campaign staff complete with the best talent money can buy. Cash is certainly king and an abundance of it is very helpful in the political realm.

However, as the Democrats whittle down to their final nominees on the 2020 campaign trail, Bloomberg is starting to look like a candidate the party could use against Trump’s few billions to fight fire with fire; dollar for dollar. With a personal net worth of over $60 billion dollars, the former NYC mayor has the cash to outspend Trump 20-to-1.

Unfortunately, however, the two East Coast-born billionaires have some unsavory things in common. One of those things is a reputation for being a racist member of the super-elite. Both men have pointed their share of the blame at each other for this exact same thing. Trump called Bloomberg a “total racist” for his mayoral-era “stop and frisk” policy.

Bloomberg fired back by saying that Trump has divided America “with racist appeals and hateful rhetoric.” It is worth noting that Trump is a notorious flip-flopper on stop and frisk. When he was campaigning for the presidency, he touted his support for the policy. As a New York City businessman, Trump is well aware of what it is.

But later, when he became President, Trump used his friend Kanye West’s televised White House meeting with him as a convenient platform to win over opponents of stop and frisk. During their meeting, Trump told reporters that he was “open-minded” about stop and frisk before praising his wealthy, maniacal hip-hop buddy.

When it comes to rampant allegations of sexist behavior toward women, which goes back decades, Bloomberg and Trump share this indelible stain on their public facade as well. Trump’s antics of his reported hostilities with women were put on full display during his campaign at a televised debate for Republican candidates in 2015.

Fox News television personality Megyn Kelly was the debate’s moderator. Her questions for Trump about his well-documented expressions of hostility towards women made Kelly a target of his rage, which played directly into her desire to label him as a sexist. In hindsight, 53 percent of registered white female voters engineered Trump’s election.

Fast-forward to the current election season and Bloomberg’s sexist past is being brought to the forefront the say way Trump’s was. GQ Magazine is one of the outlets that is currently leading the anti-Bloomberg charge in the media’s attempts to appease America’s feminist crowd.

In the headline of GQ’s February 13 report, Bloomberg’s acts of sexism in the past were identified as “egregious.”

“It takes a telling amount of gall and cluelessness to gift a book with anecdotes about your own womanizing to employees at your gun safety non-profit in the year 2015, especially for a politician with presidential ambitions who has been vigorously denying allegations of misogyny throughout his entire career,” reads the GQ article (written by Laura Bassett).

“[Bloomberg has had to deal with] nearly 40 sex discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits brought against him and his organizations by 64 women over the past several decades,” the article also reads.

However, none of this has appeared to stop Bloomberg from surging as a viable Democratic presidential candidate. Being dogged by reports of sexism against women did not stop Trump from getting elected either. Women even played a huge role in his victory. In light of all this, there is one question the feminist crowd in America cannot seem to answer.

If degrading women is such a horrible thing to do, then why are white women the biggest proponents of wealthy white men who do it with impunity while helping these men get richer and more powerful?