Multiple Deaths Reported Following Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas

Photo credits: Flickr/Jeepers Media

An undetermined number of people are dead in the aftermath of another mass shooting inside the U.S.

CNN reported on Saturday (Aug 3) that law enforcement officials in El Paso, Texas previously announced that a 20-something white male is the prime suspect. Further investigation revealed that 21-year-old Patrick Crusius is believed to be the shooter.

Crusius was taken into the custody of law enforcement, according to the El Paso Police Department. This latest mass shooting inside the U.S. occurred in a Walmart parking lot adjacent to a shopping center near Cielo Vista, El Paso’s largest mall.

Poor media reporting by local and national outlets led to confusion over where the shooting took place. The Simon Property Group owns the Cielo Vista Mall. A spokesman for this company refuted conflicting reports by announcing that no one was shot inside the mall or on any mall property.

By Saturday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. PST, neither CNN or any other national media outlet in the U.S. reported an exact amount of people who were killed in this mass shooting. However, CNN did confirm in its report on the matter that “at least” 23 people were critically injured in the assault.

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating this crime as well. Investigators for two federal crime-fighting agencies are evaluating an online posting reportedly attributed to Crusius, which apparently invokes a motive for the killing spree. The posting has been called a “manifesto” of sorts.

In the wake of the shooting, as a preventative measure, the Cielo Vista Mall was placed on lockdown.

The El Paso Police Department is also urging citizens to donate blood to help save the lives of injured parties who were shooting victims. In another unfortunate twist, which emerged from this harrowing story, a boy ran into the Cielo Vista Mall to alert shoppers that an active shooter was committing a massacre at the nearby Walmart.

However, the child’s age prevented patrons from believing the boy’s very serious and accurate exclamation.

The second verse of the eighth chapter in the biblical book of Psalms says: ” From the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries to silence the enemy and avenger.” It is very relieving, however, to report that no other causalities occurred outside the proximity of Walmart’s parking lot.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence sent out an afternoon tweet, which expressed his condolences.

“Saddened by the loss of so many innocent lives in El Paso, TX. Our prayers are with the victims, their families, and the entire community. Grateful for the courageous efforts and swift action by federal law enforcement and local first responders,” Pence wrote on Twitter. will be watching this case closely and will report new information regarding more details as they unfold.