Officials in Barbados Accuse U.S. of Ventilator Theft as COVID-19 Spreads to the Caribbean


The United States (U.S.) has been accused of doing a long list of deplorable things, including a number of evil deeds committed against its own citizens.

As the U.S. has become the world’s epicenter of today’s global COVID-19 pandemic, public health bureaus in America are showing the world what not to do as nations everywhere race to curtail this crisis. Stealing medical equipment is one thing that a nation should never do under any circumstances. But that is exactly what officials in Barbados have accused the U.S. of doing.

Speaking to reporters at a recent press conference, Barbados Minister of Health and Wellness Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic accused the U.S. of seizing ventilators paid for by singer Rihanna. The ventilators were part of a $1.4 million dollar assistance package the pop star provided to her home country as it races to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into its borders from the U.S.

“They were seized in the United States. Paid for, but seized, so we are trying to see exactly what is going to transpire there. But I remind you that ventilators are one of the most in-demand items in the world today and Barbados is merely wrestling with the other 203 countries and territories around the world seeking to secure as many of these pieces of equipment as possible,” he said.

It is not known which state government in the U.S. is responsible for the recent ventilator seizure. However, in a recent executive order, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo authorized the seizure of unused ventilators from private entities. Governor Cuomo’s state is America’s hardest-hit, as the total COVID-19-related death toll in New York is approaching 9,000.

According to the Barbados Today newspaper, there are 56 COVID-19 cases in Barbados. Only three people out of those 56 cases are in need of ventilators, the newspaper reported.