Officials Say Accused Sex Trafficker Jeff Epstein Took His Own Life

Photo credits: Jane Rosenberg

Jeff Epstein (pictured) was a wealthy financier in federal custody on Friday (August 9) for his role in an illicit and elaborate sex trafficking ring.

However, on that evening, Epstein, 66, committed suicide in a Manhattan, New York jail cell. Law enforcement officials in New York City told ABC News that Epstein hung himself. They also said the accused molester of minors was on suicide watch.

The watch went into effect after a recent jailhouse incident where Epstein was found incapacitated. On that day (July 23), the former investment banker reportedly had what looked like self-inflicted ligature marks around his neck, according to officials.

The disgraced celebrity money manager was awaiting trial on multiple felony charges. ABC News also reported that Epstein’s trial was scheduled for next year.

In addition to the slew of sex trafficking offenses, his federal indictment included multiple counts of statutory rape, assault, and the promotion of prostitution. Prior to his previous July 23 suicide attempt, Epstein was delivered another swift blow from justice.

On July 18, Richard M. Berman, a federal judge, denied Epstein’s request for bail. This request on Epstein’s behalf was filed by his Alan Dershowitz-led legal team. Judge Berman called Epstein a “flight risk” at the bail hearing.

“I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community…certainly including the minor victims in this case and prospective victims as well,” Berman said. The judge was compelled by the recent testimony of two females claiming to be victims of Epstein.

One victim told the court that Epstein had his way with her when she was 14. She also said in open court that she believed Epstein was a “scary person.” The young female urged the judge to keep Epstein behind bars.

The deceased Epstein was already a convicted sex offender at the time of his arrest. He faced decades in federal prison on the charges in his most previously filed indictment.