Song Review: TRU Muscle Entertainment’s The Outlaw Jesse Pringle Drops “She Good”

Photo credits: David Bram

An outlaw is defined as someone who goes against the grain of what’s considered to be acceptable by society’s conventional standards.

When it comes to making music, an outlaw can be classified as an artistic musician who is never afraid to take creative risks. In mainstream music’s soundscape, you will rarely find a person who truly has the liberty to be an outlaw. This is primarily because mainstream artists are at the behest of a major music promotion and production machine that is calling the shots. Creative control is not a luxury afforded to many.

However, The Outlaw Jesse Pringle (pictured) of TRU Muscle Entertainment is a mainstay on what might be the biggest independent powerhouse punch in urban American music. Pringle is back again with a new single titled “She Good” where he brings his unreplicable voice to the R&B music genre once again. His brand blends smooth and rugged like no male act performing in the genre today.

Song Credits and Production Designing

Pringle is the passionate pen behind his latest slow jam. The song is produced by Grammy-nominated beatsmith Cash Clay, a hitmaker responsible for the sounds behind some of hip-hop’s most notable modern acts (Migos, K. Camp). The crisp mastering for “She Good” was performed by Donald “XL” Robertson, a platinum-certifiable sound engineer who is the founder of XLP Engineering.

Eric Surratt, the owner of Kansas City’s MR3 Music Studio is the engineer responsible for recording Pringle’s new R&B track. Victoria Allyse is the model who posed for the single’s professional cover art. Allyse was also in the “I Want You” music video, which was one of Pringle’s previously-released singles from 2019. TRU Muscle Entertainment (TME) founder Courtney “Big Court” Richardson is the Executive Producer of “She Good.”

Originally set to be released on the 15th of this month, Pringle’s new hit is now available early via Spotify. Listening to this song will definitely get you in the mood for a forthcoming video. The big-time players involved with the production of this song have definitely set a high bar. But with a visionary Executive Producer like Big Court who has a knack for extravagant TME-backed visuals, you can expect nothing less than fantastic.

Listen to The Outlaw Jesse Pringle’s “She Good” on Spotify here.

Due to COVID-19 and venue crowd concerns, The Outlaw Jesse Pringle will be performing this song live via the StageIt app on May 15th. Register to view his celebratory performance at Outlaw Music and Film Studios here.