Sudan’s TMC Has Arrested Nine RSF Members for the Murder of Protesters

Photo credits: AFP

Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) has announced its latest arrests of nine suspects who are believed to be responsible for the killings of peaceful protesters.

According to the Al-Jazeera Media Network, TMC spokesman Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabashi told the media that nine members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have been relieved of duty and detained by the TMC.

These banished RSF members are allegedly responsible for Sudan’s most recent incidents where non-violent protesters were indiscriminately murdered. Last Monday (July 29), five protesters were killed in the central Sudanese city of Al-Obeid.

On Thursday (August 1), four more non-violent protesters were killed in Omdurman, the twin city of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The Thursday protests were organized by opposition groups demanding justice over the July 29 murders.

As previously reported, the RSF is a paramilitary group headed by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (also known as Hemeti). This group is widely said to be the most feared group of bandits in all of Sudan.

The RSF is believed to be responsible for the extremely brutal and bloody crackdown, which was enforced in early June to crush a peaceful revolt. These mass “sit in” protests were organized in Khartoum.

Well over 100 people were killed and scores of women were raped.

Government reconciliation talks between the TMC and Sudan’s most organized political opposition groups have not been stable due to the high amount of violence that has occurred in a number of Sudanese cities.

Talks will probably resume in the aftermath of the arrests that the TMC has made. This latest objective orchestrated by the TMC sends an eye-opening message to criminals.On one hand, it shows that Hemeti’s RSF militia is not above the law.

On another hand, it shows that the TMC is willing to distance itself from its dangerous sub-division, which is ran by one of its members.