Suspected Cop Shooter in Philly Identified; Small Rally Organized to Support Him

Photo credits: Philadelphia Police Department

A suspect has been identified after a violent August 14 police-involved standoff situation, which occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Numerous local media outlets in the Philadelphia metro area have reported that Maurice Hill (pictured) was the suspect who was eventually arrested and taken into custody. Hill, 36, was not yet charged as of Thursday (August 15).

On that day, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner held a press conference where he discussed filing future charges. This situation started off when SWAT officers came to serve a warrant at a house in the city’s Nicetown-Tioga district where Hill was reportedly located.

However, this search warrant situation went from a police shootout, to a a hostage-taking standoff, to a barricade. This hours-long and bloody turn of events left six officers with the Philadelphia Police Department with gunshot wounds. Luckily, all of them survived.

Hill was armed to the teeth and used what witnesses said was a “long semi-automatic rifle.” This is not Hill’s first run in with the law. In his background, he has a laundry list of state and federal charges, such as drug trafficking and illegal firearms possession.

A local CBS-affiliated outlet reported on August 14 that 30 different officers fired at Hill over the course of the gun battle he had with police. Prior to being taken into custody, Hill was treated at a local hospital for injuries, which were not life-threatening.

Pennsylvania prosecutors at the federal level (such as US Attorney Bill McSwain) who have observed this case have spoken on it. The collective narrative is that Hill should have never been on the streets in the first place.

However, the longest prison term Hill has ever served in a single sentence courtesy of a judge was just over four years. Federal prosecutors are also expected to pursue a case against Hill related to the August 14 police shootout.

The local CBS-affiliated media outlet reported on Friday (August 16) that a North Philadelphia rally organized in support of Hill was scheduled for late that evening. A crowd of 100 to 200 people was expected to attend the rally.