Third Victim Testifies Against Ghislaine Maxwell, Gives Sordid Details About Ordeal

Photo credits: Hollister Lowe

Ghislaine Maxwell walked through the door and groped the then 14-year-old girl’s nipples, pelvic area, and bottom as she was discarding her garments in the main restroom of the late Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion.

Maxwell assured the girl she had a wonderful physique for Epstein and his pals. The girl, now in her 30s, testified about this on Tuesday (December 7), during Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial. Sharing only her first name, Carolyn testified that she was severely molested by Epstein over one hundred times. The sexual abuse started in approximately 2001 and continued to go on in the years afterward.

Carolyn’s witness statement paralleled revelations made by the two accusers who testified before her in key ways. All three of Maxwell’s alleged victims claimed to be unhappy adolescents when they were enticed into personal chats with her. Maxwell (who prosecutors say was Epstein’s madam) is the one who arranged the young victims to give massages to Epstein, which resulted in illegal sexual encounters. There were offers of lofty presents, sex trinkets, and lavish trip invites.

However, Carolyn’s case exemplified a unique scenario.

Jane, the very first witness, was a renowned soap opera starlet. She testified last week that she initially encountered Maxwell at a summer program for gifted children. Kate, the second claimant, was a wealthy British model, actress, and singer. She said her first interaction with Maxwell occurred in Paris. Maxwell’s accusers claimed they took the witness stand using pseudonyms in order to safeguard their livelihoods and familial ties.

Unlike the other accusers, by comparison, Carolyn had a more hard-knock life. She dropped out of school somewhere between sixth and eighth grade. She said that as a result of the sexual molestation she experienced at the hands of Epstein, substance abuse problems started to mount. Carolyn spent her adolescent years in Florida with her mother.

She characterized her mother as an alcoholic who was also addicted to drugs. On top of that, Carolyn was molested by her grandfather. The abuse began when she was just four years old. She testified that she told Maxwell about what happened to her. Later in Carolyn’s life, according to her testimony, she worked as an adult dancer and escort.

According to federal prosecutors, Maxwell, 59, assisted in recruiting and grooming underage girls for rape at the request of Epstein, the late, infamous sex criminal and billionaire who was also Maxwell’s longstanding lover. Epstein allegedly took his life in a 2019 jailhouse suicide. He was facing his own federal trial for sex trafficking and child molestation. Maxwell maintains her innocence to this day.

Carolyn bore a distinction from the accusers who had previously testified. This was audible in each accuser’s respective vocal tones. Jane testified before jurors using the vocal clarity and poise of a seasoned actress. Kate cleanly delivered her statements using polished British enunciation. However, Carolyn’s speech was halted often. It was punctuated with stark, anatomical phrases throughout her testimony.

Carolyn’s witness statement delivery demonstrated the long-time effects of the harm that was inflicted on her when she was an underage girl. She had not yet developed into a girl whom Epstein and Maxwell did not at all provide with guidance — or make good on their pledges to give her a luxurious existence.

Carolyn’s story uncovered a novel set of difficulties for Maxwell’s defense team. The defense had previously painted the prior accusers as fascinated by Epstein’s money and in awe of Maxwell’s attractiveness. Defense attorneys have argued that the accusers profited in some ways from Maxwell’s patronage.

However, Carolyn offered a story of a difficult childhood made more traumatic by Epstein and Maxwell’s sinister influence. Carolyn’s harrowing testimony also lacked the refinement exhibited by the previous two witnesses.

Carolyn sounded irritated at times during cross-examination by one of Ms. Maxwell’s attorneys, Jeffrey Pagliuca. He urged her to clarify obvious disparities in her stories throughout civil litigation and F.B.I. interviews that dated back over 10 years prior. She constantly said, “That’s not true,” and refuted what was published.

Carolyn acknowledged in direct testimony that she gave false information at a 2009 deposition about her job as an escort. She stated that at the time, she frequently used methadone to manage her opioid addiction. Carolyn also said she was using medicine to treat her schizophrenia. When responding to a prosecutor’s question about why she had made little mention of Maxwell in her ten-year testimony to law enforcement, she replied: “I wasn’t asked about Maxwell.”

In the indictment, Maxwell is accused of trafficking in sex with Carolyn, who is described as “Minor Victim-4.”

Carolyn first met Epstein and Maxwell when she was approximately 14 years old, when an acquaintance of her boyfriend made a strange inquiry about earning money by providing massages for a man she knew. Virginia Roberts, a friend, dressed Carolyn provocatively and escorted her to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.

Carolyn said that Maxwell welcomed them at the door, then directed them to walk up the staircase to Epstein’s main restroom. Roberts stripped completely naked the first time, while Carolyn retained her bra and panties. As Epstein walked into the neighboring massage room, he laid on his abdomen.

Epstein switched body positions nearly an hour afterward. Then, he and Roberts had intercourse as Carolyn sat on a nearby sofa, she told jurors as her voice shook.

Carolyn testified that she and Roberts were both compensated with cash bills, which were left at the washbasin.

Roberts (born Virginia Giuffre) is now known as one of Epstein’s most outspoken opponents. She is not among the four accusers who will take the witness stand in opposition to Maxwell during her open criminal case.

Carolyn testified that she visited Epstein’s mansion twice or thrice per week in the ensuing years. Maxwell scheduled the visits, and Carolyn would always see her as she arrived via the door to the kitchen area.

Epstein would initially lie on his abdomen while Carolyn massaged him. She testified that they would occasionally discuss her traumatic childhood. He would eventually switch his body position and perform sexual acts on himself—or perform other sexual actions alongside Carolyn.

“Something sexual happens every single time,” Carolyn said to jurors.

She testified that after each session, she was given three to four hundred dollars in cash in one-hundred-dollar bills, which were occasionally delivered to her personally by Maxwell, she testified. Carolyn said she utilized the cash by purchasing illegal narcotics and developed an addiction to them quickly.

Carolyn stated that she invited other underage friends over to participate in the sessions and was given cash bonuses when they came with her. Epstein brought another nude lady through the door during two other sessions. She testified that both times, the trio engaged in sexual intercourse.

Carolyn claimed Maxwell saw her nude three times during her witness testimony, along with her encounter in Epstein’s restroom, in which Maxwell groped her body.

Additionally, Carolyn testified that Maxwell and Epstein were fully aware that she was just 14 when the molestation began. This is because Epstein and Maxwell inquired if Carolyn could fly to Epstein’s private tropical island. However, she lacked a passport and her mother refused to allow the trip, according to Carolyn’s testimony.

Maxwell and Epstein also surprised Carolyn with lofty presents: Victoria’s Secret undergarments, tickets to entertainment events, and a book about massage, she said.

Throughout his cross-examination of Carolyn, Pagliuca also referred to a court document. His reference dealt with something she was questioned about that was related to sexual activity with Epstein. Pagliuca stated that Carolyn responded negatively. She interjected Pagliuca before he could complete his inquiry.

I replied, ‘No,’ because I was not a willing participant. He had intercourse with me and I stopped it, “Carolyn said under oath.

She said she was struck with severe anxiety while testifying directly.

“[I’m] thinking my daughters will be trafficked or stolen from me,” Carolyn testified.

Pagliuca inquired about whether or not Carolyn’s insecurity came from having originally lost custody of the children due to drug addiction—a contention Carolyn furiously disputed.

She said that many years into the abuse, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby by a former boyfriend of hers. Following that, she returned to Mr. Epstein’s mansion for cash after falling on hard times.

“He asked me if I had any younger friends, and I said no. And that’s when I realized I was too old,” Carolyn testified, as she described a time when she was just 18.