Trump’s State of the Economy Speech Touted Accumulation But No Plan of Preservation

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U.S. President Donald Trump (pictured) gave his State of the Economy speech Tuesday (November 12) at the Economic Club of New York’s headquarters in New York City, NY.

Trump drew his first rounds of applause in just under four minutes at the beginning of his official statements. Early on, Trump fittingly used the term “quantitative tightening” (QT) to describe one of the economic barriers, which he feels have posed a big threat to the U.S. economy. 

Today, the national economy looks to have withstood Trump’s previously perceived threats in the process of becoming reasonably strong on his watch. Trump irritably referred to QT in a moment of utterance to complain about this policy, which is a monetary procedure utilized by the U.S. Federal Reserve, America’s central bank. 

In his speech on the national economy, Trump also lamented that since he took office in January of 2017, the U.S. Federal Reserve has nearly broken a record for its imposed number of rate increases over the course of an approximate three-year period. The U.S. central bank has increased interest rates eight times since Trump was sworn in.

The flamboyant and self-important businessman turned politician also complained about another issue concerning the Fed’s monetary policy.  Trump reminded the audience that the U.S. is competing against governments that get money back when loans from their central banks have been paid off. 

The money paid back to those governments in monetary deals like these is called negative interest. 

“Whoever heard of such a thing? Give me some of that. Give me some of that money. I want some of that money!” Trump joked to a laughing audience. 

However, the draconian facts about the shadowy owners of nearly all the world’s central banks are no laughing matter. The Rothschild Family leads a band of banking clans that own the U.S. Federal Reserve. Additionally, this cartel of international money changers owns almost the totality of the world’s central banks.

This ultra-wealthy circle of so-called “banksters” does not allow the Federal Reserve to approve Washington D.C.’s use of negative lending programs. A genuine leader would be asking why other countries get to do this while the U.S. is unable to.

These negative interest payment programs offer influxes of cash into a nation’s money supply, which can be used to stimulate its economy. Trump also drew applause when he complained about the Fed’s ban on U.S. usage of negative interest.

“But our Federal Reserve…they won’t let us do it!” Trump said to the audience.

According to a number of defectors, the current U.S. President has reportedly employed bullying tactics in order to silence and neutralize people he seeks to relegate. On the other side of this coin, Trump has frequently accused the major U.S. media channels of doing these exact same things to him.

However, an all-powerful president would do something about that. Trump’s enemies and those who feel oppressed by his ways and policies brand him as evil and untouchable. But is he, really?

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the “banksters” who own and control the Federal Reserve also own and control vast shares of America’s mainstream media pipelines. By way of this same media conglomerate, Trump nationally publicized his State of the Economy speech and focused heavily on job creation and growth. 

However, touting success in the face of handicappers who deliberately hurled barriers at you is not enough when it comes to criticizing the real “bullies.” Trump will have to do more than just observe and talk when it comes to ushering in 100 percent American-held economic independence.

A country that does not issue its own currency is not independent.

Unfortunately, many of Trump’s supporters and loathers alike do not see the economic and financial dangers of this. Publicly, the U.S. President has not done much but talk when it comes to confronting this able danger. Time will tell if he is publicly up to the challenge or is already doing some private maneuvering proactively.

One may be reading and ask, “Why is a U.S. president’s fight against the Federal Reserve so important?”

This fight is important because making America great again is about ushering in freedom from racial and financial slavery. America primarily became great by granting independence to the enslaved Africans who were her early builders. 

America secondarily became great by her printing her own money. The last real Republican President credited for achieving both successfully in his time was Abraham Lincoln. Trump’s patriarchal lineage insists that he may have not have been Lincoln when it came to views on race. His father Fred Trump was widely believed to be a KKK member.

But does Trump at least have the gall to make his actions yell “Sic semper tyrannis!” to Lord Rothschild? A little gall is better than none at all. If he does have it, history would easily forget his antics of perceived lunacy and hail him as a real hero. If he or any future president does not, America will never be great again.

It is also plausible to believe that the “green back” pioneer Abe Lincoln would agree from the grave. After all, freedom and independence was exactly what he died for.

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