U.S. Launched New Non-Explosive ‘Ninja Bombs’ in Strike That Killed Al-Zawahiri

Photo credits: REUTERS

The U.S. administration just killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the de-facto leader of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s successor — without leaving a signature American-made inferno of major blast evidence.

In the devastating U.S. operation, an unmanned flying drone launched two missiles through the window of Al-Zawahiri’s residence in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Additionally, according to American sources, there were no civilian casualties. It is now confirmed that America killed the former Egyptian dissident by utilizing Hellfire R9X missiles, a more modern, stealthy weapon in Washington D.C.’s vast aerial arsenal.

Earlier assassination missions against Islamic radicals included the use of these so-called “ninja bombs.” However, neither the Central Intelligence Agency nor the U.S. Department of Defense officially confirmed using the previously unidentified missiles in an operation before. The aerial raid, which assassinated al-Zawahiri, 71, occurred on July 31, according to Republic World News.

Pentagon and CIA officials have a verified history of carrying out extrajudicial executions against terrorist leaders. Even the July 31 attack, which targeted al-Zawahiri inside Kabul, went down courtesy of CIA operatives. Five sources with knowledge of America’s covert anti-terrorist raid in the Afghan capital reportedly corresponded with The Associated Press and confirmed the CIA’s involvement.

Joe Biden (the President of the United States) and several foreign heads of state who are American allies praised Washington’s covert kill mission — calling it a victory in the fight against international terrorism. However, the U.S. “ninja bombing” was readily condemned as a breach of the Doha Agreement by Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government.

The U.S. government has maintained that Ayman al-Zawahiri repeatedly acted as a key co-conspirator of Al-Qaeda’s various acts of terrorism for decades. American military and intelligence officials have also contended that Al-Zawahiri played a role in the deadly terror operation, which targeted the U.S. Pentagon, the World Trade Center in New York, and United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

Al-Zawahiri was also said to be a chief advisor who Al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden relied on for mentorship. Per Republic World News, the house in Kabul where Al-Zawahiri was living when he killed is owned by Sirajuddin Haqqani, a Taliban official and political figure who leads the Afghan interior ministry.

The Hellfire R9X: America’s New Weapon For Assassination 

America’s new “ninja bomb” was first showcased during March 2017.

At that time, a chief Al-Qaeda commander named Abu al-Khayr al-Masri was killed in Syria by the U.S. The American drone fired Hellfire R9X missiles inside a car, which transported al-Masri. Unlike conventional explosive projectiles launched by U.S. drones, the R9X missiles do not have fire-powered warheads. They have six sword-shaped shears, which protrude outside the weapon’s  fuselage.

Without a loud explosion, fiery blast, or a thick plume of smoke rising, the protruding ninja sword blade-shaped weapons on the R9X missiles literally dice their targets to pieces. The  blades that protrude from this projectile are so sharp, they easily pierced through the roof of the car al-Masri was riding in. He was severely shredded to death and the vehicle’s interior was ripped like tissue paper.

Meanwhile, simultaneously during March 2017, a much more massive force of U.S. airpower was being showcased in Syria. This came a few months before what would be branded later that year as America’s “War of Annihilation.” In the same month of al-Masri’s death, the U.S. had Syria’s former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa under severe aerial bombardment.

The earth-shaking blasts killed scores of civilians. Night and day, manned U.S. fighter jets dropped tons of conventional explosives on the Syrian city of Raqqa. Eighty-percent of the historically religious metropolis was left uninhabitable. However, with the arrival of the R9X, the U.S. seeks to downsize its death from above war strategy – so it can shred its enemies and reduce civilian casualties.

The Origin of America’s Latest Fried-Turned-Foe

Ayman Mohamed Rabie Al-Zawahiri was born on June 19, 1951, in Egypt’s southern city of Giza.

He came from a family that was known throughout the Arab world to be prestigious. Zawahiri became a surgeon by trade. However, as a young man, his religious and political fanaticism began to take shape. Before joining forces with Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda group, Zawahiri was already the leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad group, which was a splinter group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, at one time, during the Cold War between two superpowers (the U.S. and the former Soviet Union) Zawahiri (as well as Bin Laden) was an ally of the CIA. When Soviet Russia’s forces were occupying Afghanistan in the 1980s, Zawahiri administered a covert, anti-Russian militia, which was a key beneficiary of major CIA cash contributions by the truckload.

“Ayman al-Zawahiri [was] a key figure in the [Egyptian Islamic Jihad] terrorist group. Al-Zawahiri ran his own operation during the Afghan war, bringing in and training volunteers from the Middle East,” wrote British journalist Jason Burke in his pre-9/11 column for The Guardian titled, Frankenstein the CIA Created.

“[He] ran his own operation during the Afghan war, bringing in and training volunteers from the Middle East. Some of the $500 million the CIA poured into Afghanistan reached [Zawahiri’s] group,” Burke also wrote.

Now that the U.S. has apparently killed Zawahiri (as opposed to capturing him and putting him on trial), in a scenario mirroring the Bin Laden situation, the American people will never get to hear an eye-opening story.

Such a story could force the most patriotic U.S. citizens to take a cold, hard second look at their government’s agenda. Like his late comrade, Zawahiri went from darling to damned — in the eyes of America’s Lord High Execution Committee — the CIA.

As the potential for a new Cold War struggle  takes shape due to today’s Russia/Ukraine crisis, the world is also seeing a new “American Way” emerge. In some cases, the U.S. cares not about due process when it comes to the strategic pursuit of justice in a court of law. Does this mean the U.S. government has fully succumbed to the amoral brand of authoritarianism it once accused Soviet communists of brutally imposing?

Surely, without question, time will tell – even as it keeps running out for the free world.