Josh Rosen looks to shine in Miami with Dolphins

Image from Google Photo Taken by Eric Chan

Josh Rosen was one of the biggest names leading up to the NFL Draft, but not for the reasons one might think. He was involved in trade rumors, with Kyler Murray expected to be the number one pick for the Arizona Cardinals. The draft came and went, and Murray was selected with the number one overall pick. The day after the Cardinals made that selection, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick and a 2020 fifth-round pick.

Rosen had his introductory press conference with Miami on Monday, his second team in two years. Rosen is looking to find a new start in Miami. He seems ready to leave all the drama back in Arizona and become the franchise quarterback he believes he can be. He also joins a Dolphins team who is looking to find their QB of the future.

Chosen Rosen?

Josh Rosen was drafted with the tenth overall pick in last year’s draft. The Cardinals actually traded up to the tenth spot in order to draft Rosen from UCLA. Rosen started 13 games last season, putting up lackluster stats. He finished the season with 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. His 66.7 passer rating was the lowest of out of all eligible QBs last season.

Rosen didn’t have much help around him last season. Rosen was being protected by one of the worst O-lines in football didn’t have enough offensive weapons at his disposal. The Cardinals were tied fifth in sacks allowed with 52. Rosen was the one sacked 45 of those 52 times. The Cardinals receiving core was dead last in the NFL in receiving yards last season (2,884). The lack of help around Rosen was evident, and it had an impact on his performance in his rookie campaign.

Despite the subpar rookie season, the Dolphins are hoping that Rosen can live up to his “Chosen Rosen” nickname and become the QB of the future in Miami. The Dolphins signed veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason. There is sure to be a quarterback competition in between Rosen and Fitzpatrick, and Rosen is embracing the challenge.

Rosen seems very ready to show his skill set to first-year coach Brian Flores and the rest of the Miami staff. Despite his rough rookie year, Rosen did show flashes of his potential throughout. Miami offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea and quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell will need to work with Chosen Rosen through the offseason to help him tap into that potential for the upcoming season. That is if he ends up beating out FitzMagic for the starting job.

QB Struggles

The Dolphins are rolling the dice on Rosen, hoping he can blossom in their possible QB of the future. The Dolphins haven’t been gifted at the QB spot in recent years. Former first-round pick Ryan Tannehill dealt with injuries and inconsistency, which resulted in him getting traded from Miami to the Tennessee Titans. Jay Cutler, who filled in for Tannehill during the 2017 season, went 6-8 in the 14 games he played. The Dolphins have struggled to find a franchise QB and that has been the organization’s Achilles heel.

Miami hasn’t had a QB that has been selected to the pro bowl in 23 years. That is the longest drought in the NFL. The last Dolphins QB to be a pro bowler was Dan Marino. If Rosen was to win the starting job, he would be the 20th QB since Marino retired to start a game for Miami. The Dolphins haven’t found their franchise QB in the first 19 QBs, but they hope the Rosen will stop this trend of QB struggles for them.

Miami is in a very unique position when it comes to the QB position. Many believed the Dolphins were going to “tank” this NFL season for a shot at drafting Tua Tagovailoa in next year’s draft. It seems like those plans are put on hold, but not entirely. If Rosen doesn’t work out, Miami can still put themselves in position to draft a QB next season.

If Rosen plays well and proves that he can be a franchise QB, the Dolphins can keep him and build their team around the 22-year old. Rosen’s contract is only $6.24 million over the next three years with a fifth-year option. Rosen could end up being the QB of the future for Miami but at a small price.

Josh Rosen has a fresh start and is ready to make a good first impression with his second team. “Very rarely do you get a second chance to make a first impression,” Rosen said at his press conference. The Dolphins and Rosen have found each other when it seems like they both needed each other. Miami needs a possible franchise QB and Rosen needs a team who will give him a shot. Rosen now has a chance to not only beat out a veteran for the starting job but to also quiet the haters and make the Cardinals regret trading him away.