What is HVY?


HVY (Apply Here), launched March 16th, 2019, is a news and media platform made by and for journalists. We want to promote journalists rather than news publications. We want the journalist to be in control of his or her story. We want readers to follow their favorite journalists instead of following different news sites. Journalists on HVY are proud to be in full control.

Why Should You Join HVY?

If you are a journalist or writer, here are some reasons to join HVY:

  • You are promoted instead of a news publication.
  • You are paid 100% of the ad revenue your stories generate. Learn how HVY makes money here.
  • You are free to cover the stories you want to cover, local or national.
  • You are given full statistical access to your content. You can view unique page views, amount of comments, words per article, ad revenue your stories generate, and more.
  • You are joining a site that generates more SEO traffic than a single blog ever could.
  • Hosting is paid for, you just need to focus on what you love: writing.
  • We guarantee 99.99% uptime, full security, and backup.
  • You are free to post stories you write on HVY to other sites and platforms.
  • Content you write is content you own.
  • Your readers can subscribe to your profile and get notified of new posts on email or with an RSS feed.
  • If you want to be removed from HVY we will delete your user and all your posts without a question. We can even export all your data and send it to you free of charge.
  • We have implemented SEO best practices including Google’s AMP function to amplify visits to your articles.
  • HVY is promoting great content on other channels to increase your traffic (Facebook, Native Ads, Twitter and CCN.com)
  • Few editorial limits. We want to protect free speech.

Special Deal: We Will Promote Your Articles for $500 As a Gift From Us To You

As a startup gift, we will promote your posts on Facebook, CCN, Twitter, and in other channels, for the total sum of $500 (a gift from us to you to increase your traffic) if you have written more than five great articles on HVY. This offer is for the first 100 journalists on HVY.

For further questions please contact pamela.meropiali (at) ccn.com

Requirements to Join HVY

  1. You must have a degree in journalism or have written for a news publication with strict editorial guidelines. This can be a local newspaper, a national newspaper, or a reputable online news site.
  2. You must have read, understood and agree with the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press located here.
  3. Your articles must be written in English and target an English speaking audience (more languages will be added in 2020).

Apply to Become a HVY Journalist

Apply here.

Who is Behind HVY?

Heavy is founded by Hawkfish AS, a media company that runs CCN.com and Hacked.com.

If you have a question, send us an email to jonas.borchgrevink (at) ccn.com.