Animal Tracks: Songs about animals 22

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Animal Tracks: Origins

(Note: This is a new edition of a maxi-series originally published on another, now-defunct website.)

In a conversation with independent singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker, Blacker posed the question: “What’s your favorite song about a pet?” That was all it took to inspire this now resurrected series “Animal Tracks.” So, without further adieu, here is the newest sampling of beast ballads, creature cuts, and other assorted animal audios in a revamp of the old series:

“Blood On The Bunny” — The Residents

This unusual audio offering is written and performed by the avant-garde band known only as The Residents. It first appeared on the fast-paced platter known as The Bunny Boy which was released in September of 2008. They also released an accompanying narrative internet series.

“Felix The Cat Woos Whoopee” — Club Foot Orchestra

This individualistic instrumental was recorded by the unique, multifaceted American musical ensemble known as the Club Foot Orchestra. It is part of their 1995 release named Sherlock Jr. & Felix The Cat Woos Whoopee. The act features a fluid band roster and specializes in live performances of original, modern scores for silent films.

“Grey Seal” — Elton John

This song is off the British artist’s now classic disc Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It was his seventh studio release and was put out in 1970. It was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Taupin had no explanation for the lyrics. He admits he never understood his lyrics but they still work.

“Kill The Great Raven” — Snakefinger

Co-produced by The Residents, this song was written and recorded by English singer/songwriter and musician Snakefinger. The track first appeared on his 1979 vinyl Chewing Hides The Sound. His signature sound is a blend of rock, avant-garde, and blues music. (The Residents are credited for having co-written some of the songs too.)

“Year of the Monkey” — Fred Frith

This one is actually an instrumental off of Fred Frith’s unique dance-inspired album. Titled simply Gravity, this work was released in 1980. The English multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musical improviser began his career in a blues band but has gone off into surprisingly amazing areas.

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