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animal tracks
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(Note: This is a new edition of “Animal Tracks”, a series originally published on another, now-defunct website.)

In a conversation with independent singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker, Blacker posed the question: “What’s your favorite song about a pet?” That was all it took to inspire this now resurrected series “Animal Tracks.” So, without further adieu, here is the newest sampling of beast ballads, creature cuts, and other assorted animal audios in a revamp of the old series:

“Bunny Boy” — The Residents

This unusual audio offering is written and performed by the avant-garde band known only as The Residents. It is the title track for the fast-paced platter known as The Bunny Boy which was released in September of 2008. The group also released an accompanying narrative internet series.

“Danger Bird” — Neil Young

This is a song written by Canadian-born multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Neil Young. The track first appeared on the first album he put out with Crazy Horse, Zuma. It’s a dark epic in which Young employs a fossilized bird as a metaphor for a personal relationship.

“Fallen Eagle” — Stephen Stills

This song is by the American singer-songwriter and musician Stephen Stills. It’s off the vinyl titled Manassas. It is the debut disc of Stills’ then new band of the same name. The album hit stores in 1972. The song appears on side two, The Wilderness, which was all bluegrass and country cuts.

“Wild Horses” — The Rolling Stones

This is a song by the English rock band the Rolling Stones. It was co-written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. It’s off their 1971 platter titled Sticky Fingers. It was put out as a single as well that same year. The song focused on an axiom involving wild horses.

“Little Bird”

This is a song recorded by the American group the Beach Boys. It was written by Dennis Wilson, Stephen Kalinich and (although not credited) Brian Wilson. The cut is from the band’s 1968 audio offering Friends. It was also the B-side of the platter’s “Friends” single. It peaked at 47 in the US.

animal tracks
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