Animal Tracks: Songs about animals 25

Image courtesy of Vectors Collection

(Note: This is a new edition of “Animal Tracks”, a series originally published on another, now-defunct website.)

In a conversation with independent singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker, Blacker posed the question: “What’s your favorite song about a pet?” That was all it took to inspire this now resurrected series “Animal Tracks.” So, without further adieu, here is the newest sampling of beast ballads, creature cuts, and other assorted animal audios in a revamp of the old series:

“Tortoise & The Hare” — Moody Blues

This track tells the tuneful tale of the two famous animals. The song was written by John Lodge and recorded by the English rock group the Moody Blues. It’s off their sixth album A Question of Balance which was released in 1970 and hit number three in the US.

“Wolf” — Nash The Slash

This cut is from the performer’s rarest release from Hammersmith Holocaust. Here you’ll find Nash The Slash performing the number live supporting Gary Numan at his Hammersmith Odeon show. The late Canadian musician was a multi-instrumentalist. The studio version of this piece is available on his 1981 vinyl Children of the Night.

“Horse Latitudes” — The Doors

The American rock band The Doors included this song on their 1967 recording Strange Days. Horse latitudes are actually ocean areas between 30 and 35 degrees latitude. Here the winds are light and the water is calm. In the 1700s sailors would often push the horses overboard to lighten the ship’s load and save water and food.

“Wolverines” — The Residents

This song is included on the avant-garde group’s 2002 concept album Demons Dance Alone. The project focused on the emotional impact of the infamous September 11, 2001 attacks. There is an interesting rumor that not all four of the original anonymous quartet took part in recording this album.

“Barnyard Blues” — Beach Boys

This Beach Boys song was written by Dennis Wilson. The song features various animals as guest vocalists and a two-bar descending bass melody that somehow reminds your performing penman of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The song is available on the group’s 2013 release Made In California.

Image courtesy of Klyker