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(Note: This is a new edition of “Animal Tracks”, a series originally published on another, now-defunct website.)

In a conversation with independent singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker, Blacker posed the question: “What’s your favorite song about a pet?” That was all it took to inspire this now resurrected series “Animal Tracks.” So, without further adieu, here is the newest sampling of beast ballads, creature cuts, and other assorted animal audios in a revamp of the old series.

“Kitty” — The Presidents of the United States of America

This one is by the American alternative rock group The Presidents of the United States of America. It’s from their eponymously-titled debut disc which dropped in 1995. The song was written by Chris Ballew. It first appeared on the band’s demo tape Froggystyle.

“The Last Unicorn” — Jimmy Webb

This is the title track for the 1982 official soundtrack for the 1982 movie The Last Unicorn. It was written by American songwriter and composer Jimmy Webb, and performed by the music group America and the London Symphony Orchestra. It was based on the novel The Last Unicorn by American novelist Peter S. Beagle.

“The Love Cats” –The Cure

The English rock band The Cure released this stand-alone single back in October of 1983. The song turned out to be the group’s first Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom. It peaked at number seven. It can now be found on the compilation Japanese Whispers, released in 1983.

“The Rabbit Habit” — The Residents

This unusual audio offering is written and performed by the avant-garde band known only as The Residents. It is yet another track from the peculiar platter known as The Bunny Boy which was released in September of 2008. The image-nihilistic band also released an accompanying narrative internet series.

“A Horse With No Name” — America

Written by Dewey Bunnell, this is a song recorded by the American folk/rock group named America. This musical metaphor was the group’s first and (to date) most successful single. It hit European music stores in late 1971 and American record racks in early 1972.

Additionally, it was the band’s first and most successful single, released in late 1971 in Europe and early 1972 in the United States, and topped the charts in Canada, Finland, and the United States Bunnell has explained that “A Horse with No Name” was “a metaphor for a vehicle to get away from life’s confusion into a quiet, peaceful place.”

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