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animal tracks
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(Note: This is a new edition of “Animal Tracks”, a series originally published on another, now-defunct website.)

In a conversation with independent singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker, Blacker posed the question: “What’s your favorite song about a pet?” That was all it took to inspire this now resurrected series “Animal Tracks.” So, without further adieu, here is the newest sampling of beast ballads, creature cuts, and other assorted animal audios in a revamp of the old series.

You knew it was coming:

This is the. . .

All-Pussy Edition!

“All Cats Are Grey” — The Cure

This song was recorded by the English rock group the Cure. It was written by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, and Lol Tolhurst. The song is about living in caves where all cats appear to be grey. It’s included on the band’s third studio platter Faith which dropped in 1981.

“China Cat Sunflower” — Grateful Dead

This is an LSD-impacted song performed by the American rock band the Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia composed the music and Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics. The tune was originally recorded for the group’s third studio platter Aoxomoxoa. It hit the record racks back in 1969.

“Cool For Cats” — Squeeze

This was the second single off the Brit new wave group Squeeze’s 1979 Cool for Cats platter. It features lyrics by Chris Difford in one of his rare stints singing lead vocals. The title was lifted from the old 1950s and 1960s English TV show Cool for Cats.

Stray Cat Strut — Stray Cats

Brian Setzer wrote this well-known song. It was recorded by the American rockabilly group Stray Cats and is also the third single off their debut disc titled Stray Cats. It hit the record racks in 1981. This danceable song evokes a stray or feral cat attitude.

Year of the Cat — Al Stewart

This song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London by Brit singer and songwriter Al Stewart. It was co-written by Stewart and Peter Wood. The track appears on the 1976 platter Year of the Cat. The cat is actually one of the 12 signs of the Vietnamese Zodiac.

animal tracks
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