The Bottom Line: Personal Space, Social Distancing and Stupidity

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Am I that old?

Personal space?  Seriously, I cannot be the only one who remembers standing in cramped, close lines to see movies and buy tickets to concerts? Surely someone remembers many times when you would stand in a line and people would bump into you and it was no big deal. It was a part of life.

Fast forward a decade or so and suddenly someone decided they were more special than the rest of us. Suddenly someone decided she was special, fragile or attractive that every single time someone accidentally bumped into her it had to be because she was being “sexually harassed.” She complained to two like-thinking friends, they told two like-thinking friends and like the classic shampoo commercial someone decided to “champion” this “cause.” (“Screw the poor and homeless someone bumped into me! Eww!”)

“Personal Space”

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Suddenly we had “personal space” and we started standing yards apart creating lines that became even more difficult for uninterested parties to navigate around, remember? Yeah, we had that forced upon us by the overly-PC, allegedly enlightened crowd.  Yeah, you know, the people who think that they can f*ck with all our traditions and holidays by focusing on a very selective recall of history.

You know, the people who think they are so much more enlightened and PC than the rest of us regardless of their lack of education and/or real-world experience because they can Google and find one questionable source that supports their agenda.  You know, the people who were told that they were special by their well-meaning but foolish folks and all got trophies whether they were winners or not. In essence, the people who attempt to be special by standing on the shoulders of the truly great.

What’s the point?

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In case you haven’t noticed, despite the threat of coronavirus, people are still out there socializing in groups over the recommended number. (Spring Break my @ss, we have a virus out there that will spread even faster the moment you’re drunk enough to lick that stranger’s face!) To put it simply, people are still going out in groups when they shouldn’t. When questioned, they scoff or p*ss and moan about wanting to party.

Come on! Now it’s about more than some snowflake momentarily feeling “uncomfortable.” Now we have a reason for respecting “personal space” (a.k.a. social distancing). Yet those we would expect to champion it, are ignoring it.


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Perhaps they are ignoring it because the very people they enjoy “enlightening” about any other alleged issue are currently often already engaging in it. It’s no fun preaching to the choir, is it? Maybe they are ignoring it because those who are actually in power are advising us to do it.

Perhaps they are simply not willing to be inconvenienced. After all, respecting personal space does make it difficult to get drunk in public and make an @ss out of oneself. After all, is it really fun to get drunk and stupid if the world doesn’t see you do it?

Perhaps they are capable of preaching it on social media (whether people want to hear it or not) but are unable to practice what they preach. (We have certainly seen examples of this in a certain political party in recent years, but I digress…)

The Bottom Line

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If you are too selfish to practice what you preach then shut your pie holes and never darken my social media doorway with your selective rules again. People who are not bright enough to grasp the concept of following good advice have no right to try to “enlighten” anyone. Being consistent in one’s beliefs can really be a b*tch when you try to persistently push your alleged enlightenment on others.

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.