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The positive reaction to a couple of your rockin’ writer’s (now offline) articles on downloading free music and previous conversations with some indie musicians about “free music” brought to mind one of several articles written for a now-defunct music website. Today there are lots of online businesses and websites where one can download (at least) a free song a day.

Indeed, enough websites are offering free music downloads that it gave birth to an online series. Whether or not all those free tunes online is a good or bad thing for musicians and singers is, of course, a topic of debate for another time and another place. Here we seek only to share websites where music aficionados can partake of gratis audio offerings in numerous genres and from various eras as well. (Peruse the following list and discover a recent sampling of said sites.)


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Here you can upload tracks that are under the Creative Commons license. While you won’t find a lot of mainstream tracks here, you will find a lot of music by independent acts. If you are a true music explorer, then this is the place for you. It features well-curated playlists and regularly updated radio stations.


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This is the music website credited for the popularity of such groups as Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars, and the Alabama Shakes. Indeed, many bands receive recognition from sharing their music for free and thereby garnering a big fanbase. This site is listed as one of the best places to download music for free because it not only offers a variety of genres but has a popular collection of alternative, hip-hop and pop music.


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This is a site that allows you to download free tunes and stream unlimited music too. Online critics and fans alike consider it to be the best free alternative to Spotify. Here you’ll discover music uploaded by both known musicians and independent artists. Search by artist or band tags and look for the “Free Download” button below the tracks.

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The above sites made the list because of their high quality of music content and low budget cost to download. Try these sites out if you’re looking for some great music to download for free.

Do you have some favorite sites from which to download freebies? Care to share? Feel free! You just never know maybe your suggestions will become yet another fun series here! Hey! Who doesn’t like free music, right?