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andras jones
Image courtesy of Andras Jones

Entertainer Andras Jones is prepping to release a new platter. It’s titled All You Get and drops on August 8. But first, for those not fully familiar with the artist in question, a bit o’ background.

Photo by Sarah Skinner

Andras Jones

Andras Jones is a West Coast-based actor, author, the host of the podcast Radio8Ball, singer-songwriter, and musician. His solo resume includes seven previous platters under different names. He has toured with his band The Previous.
Jones also appeared in such films as Nightmare on Elm St. 4 – The Dream Master, The Prom, and Every Day Is A Journey. He wrote a book titled Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree Of Olympia (Sync Book Press). He also created what a press release calls “the synchronistic musical format known as Radio8Ball.”

Signature Sound

Jones’ signature sound is a blend of pop and other influential music genres. In a brief e-interview on social media, Jones was asked to describe it. He smiled and replied:

“Can I punch myself in the face instead? If not, then I’d go with ‘Pop Oracle music’.” To further explain what he means by “Pop Oracle” he referenced this music video.

All You Get

All You Get is Jones’ upcoming eighth audio offering. He has reportedly avoided completing the disc “since the turn of the millennium.” This was due in part to “personal crises.” Even though the project “was practically complete” he “had no energy to share it” previously and spent eight of the last 10 years “behind the stick” working as a bartender.

On this album, Jones leads the way on guitar and vocals. He is backed by an assortment of other artists including Ford Pier (lead guitar, bass, french horn, vibraphone, keyboards, and accordion), The Be Good Tanyas’ Frazey Ford and Samantha Parton (additional vocals), Barry Mirochnik (drums), Peggy Lee (cello), Ida Nilson (trumpet), and Keith Rose (upright bass).

Image courtesy of Andras Jones

Track by track

The 12-track album opens on the titular “All You Get.” This one is both honest and entertaining. Still, as effective as it is, it merely foreshadows things to come.

Speaking of “things,” “The Things I Have to Live Without” has a calm, simple, slightly ethereal feel to it that works in further establishing Jones’ signature sound.

“Natalie Wood said…” has a great retro feel to it and features Pier on drums.  The accompany music video is a tuneful tribute indeed.  The next number is “Spin The Bottle.” Jones’ signature sound remains solid here. This one is college-radio ready.

“Cartesian Shack” exhibits a subtle humor and has a welcome, laid back feeling to it too.  “Insecurely” has its own little identity but works well as a part of the whole work as well. Marshall Thompson is featured on keyboards.

Jones takes a slightly different direction on “Jealousy Nation.” This one is soundtrack-ready.  Pier appears on drums.

“Birthday Boy” may well end up being a fan fave. Some listeners might not initially be sure where this one is going but their patience will be amply rewarded. Marc L’esperance is included here violin and additional vocals as is Walt Vincent on bass. Pier also appears on additional vocals and Thompson plays mellotron.

Once you pay attention to both the new musical elements and the lyrics on “You Moved To Chicago” you can’t help but like it. The cut’s clever enough to take the (unfortunately often uncoveted) “Critic’s Choice.”  “Epic Teen (Nancy)” reflects back on Jones’ younger years and a love lost or perhaps (to be more accurate) never won. It includes a couple of great pop culture references to boot.

“One More Figure” follows. This “one” figures to be another one of the best cuts here. It just has its own groovy little bounce. Rose adds some bass guitar here and Thompson returns on Wurlitzer organ.

“Paint My Day” works well as the closing cut and has a not too solemn retro tinge to it. It includes Veda Hille on organ and provides listeners with yet one final example of what Jones can do.

Overall the album is highlighted by Jones’ own personal, original material. His material has been said to be many other things as well including “daring” and even “sweet.” Your rockin’ review is unsure about the latter but the former is often true.  His songs quietly delve into such topics as lost love, relationships and the human condition in the modern world.

Jones sums up his upcoming audio offering thusly: “It’s a record about disappointment that I hope isn’t disappointing.” So check out Andras Jones’ All You Get and discover “The Things I Have to Live Without.”