Now Playing: Dan Melchior Band’s ‘Outside In’

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The Dan Melchior Band has just dropped a new platter titled Outside In. (It’s currently available in both black and translucent orange vinyl.) But first, for those not yet familiar with the act in question, a bit o’ background.

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The Dan Melchior Band

English Singer-songwriter/guitarist Dan Melchior has been in the music business for years. His rockin’ resume also includes close over 40 records as a solo artist and as a collaborator and band member. Currently based in North Carolina, his signature sound is a musical mix of multiple genres, including experimental, folk rock, garage rock, lo-fi pop, post-rock, roots, and rhythm and blues. The Dan Melchior Band is one of his present projects and features three other musicians.

Outside In

Outside In is a new LP by The Dan Melchior Band. The Dan Melchior Band features Melchior on lead guitar and vocals, He is backed by Clark Blomquist, Chris Girard, and Tony Allman.

Track by track

This eight-track album of all original fuzzed up, distortion-drenched material opens on “Your Mind Is On Vacation.” This fun opener is a unique cover of a Mose Allison song.

“In A Tunnel”, much like the majority of the music here, has a retro avant-garde sound to it. It is brand new but with many familiar elements.

“Brownsville” is perfect for college radio or even some of the more hip FM stations still left on the dial.

The titular “Outside In” while still true to Melchior’s signature sound, still has its own distinctive musical groove to it.

“Courtesy Flush” follows and it has its own little identity as well.

“Rye Whiskey” was perhaps inspired by the old folk song of the same name made famous by the likes of Tex Ritter and Woody Guthrie. Nevertheless, Melchior and company take things to wild and nigh psychedelic places no one else ever has.

“Chinese Wine” is an experimental instrumental laced with electronic additives that make it fit here.

“Pheasant Plucker” is one final example of what the group can do. They sound like they’re having a good time jamming.

Overall, the tracks here are fresh and yet familiar in that they are oft’times vaguely reminiscent of material by such acts as Blue Cheer, The Residents and Yello. The songs have a trippy, underground “something old, something new” feel to it, especially to those unfamiliar with Melchior. So check out Dan Melchior Band’s Outside In and you just might find that “Your Mind Is On Vacation.”