Now Playing: Grant Farm’s ‘Broke In Two’


Grant Farm is prepping to release their new album titled Broke In Two.  The follow up to 2016’s Kiss The Ground, it drops on June 14.  But first, for those not yet familiar with the band, a bit of background on the act in question:

Grant Farm

Image: Grant Farm

Grant Farm is a Colorado-based band which is self-described as “a brotherhood with a song to sing and a story to tell.”  The name Grant Farm is a take-off on “ant farm.”  Founded in 2010 by Tyler Grant (guitar and vocals) the original roster also included Leftover Salmon’s banjoist Andy Thorn and String Cheese Incident’s bassist Keith Moseley.

Bass player and singer Adrian Engfer (Hot Soup and Dukes of Ted) signed on in 2011.  The following year the band put out its eponymous premiere platter.  In 2013 drummer and vocalist Sean Macaulay joined following an international tour with Donavon Frankenreiter.

They released their sophomore serving Plowin’ Time in 2014. Session musician, dueling piano entertainer and vocalist Kevin McHugh joined soon after that.  The current roster features Grant, Engfer, Macaulay, and McHugh.  They refer to their signature sound as “Cosmic Americana.”

It is essentially a music mélange of multiple genres including Americana, bluegrass, country, and rock ‘n’ roll.  Grant, Engfer, and Macaulay all contribute to the songwriting on the album.

Broke In Two

Broke In Two will be released on both CD and (double) vinyl.  The disc delves deep into what the group refers to as “the human relationship with the mystic” as they continue to musically explore and extend previous themes, archetypal characters, and storylines that they originally  “introduced on Kiss The Ground.”

Track by track

The 10-track album opens on “Morning Train.”  Released this past April, this is the first single from the album.  It’s an upbeat opener and was a good choice for a single.

The second selection is “The Golden Charioteer.”  This song has a certain flow to it and it works well as part of the album too.

“Arjuna The Believer” reintroduces characters introduced in the previously-mentioned platter.  By now even the newest listener should notice their signature sound has solidified and the thematic pieces are beginning to fall into place.

“Forward On” follows.  This song premiered just a few days ago on social media.  The next number is “River Styx.”  This spiritual track reflects on life and loss.  It’s got a great bridge that works well but doesn’t digress.

“Nester” is next.   This song also furthers the story of a character from their last release.  It also effectively showcases the talents of the musicians.

“Love And Pain” is a standout track that works well but is perhaps overshadowed by its parenthetical partners.

“Tumbleweed” introduces the Caregiver character.  This too is a song that doesn’t stray from the major theme of the record but is still a stand-alone track.

“Life Of Riley” introduces the Rebel.  Something about this song really works for your rockin’ reviewer.  Maybe it’s the simplistic chorus; maybe it’s the melody.  Perhaps it’s how everything works well together.

The second last song is “Salmon Song.”  This musical metaphor also touches on life, loss, and reality.  Initially, it seemed odd to your randy writer that they band bump the titular track to the bottom.  Once you hear “Broke In Two” though the placement becomes obvious.  It is both pretty and pensive . . . and in just the right amounts of both.

Overall, this disc provides new listeners with some excellent examples of the talents of the individual band members.  It also provides fans with more of what they previously enjoyed and then some.  So check out Grant Farm’s Broke In Two because “Arjuna The Believer” says so.