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American singer-songwriter and musician Jack Spann has just released a new single on Big Boo Records. It’s titled “Jesus Of New Orleans.” But first, for those not yet familiar with the artist in question, a bit o’ background.

Jack Spann

According to his official website, Jack Spann is a native of St. Louis and an established New York musician. His work on the ivories has been in demand in the Big Apple for many years now. His studio work is perhaps best exemplified by his contributions to the demos for the late, great David Bowie’s final new release, Blackstar.

Spann has also performed live on Broadway in such stage shows as Hank Williams: Lost Highway and War Horse. He states: “I came to New York [in1999] hoping to break into the music business but I kept getting, accidentally, these theatre jobs.”  

His rockin’ resume also includes 3 previous significant solo servings of Spann: Time, Time, Time, Time, Time, Beautiful Man From Mars, and the more recent Propaganda Man. He has also performed live at such venues as Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival, in 2016 and 2017.  

Signature sound

Jack Spann’s signature sound is a mutating mix of multiple music genres including blues, country, rock (and in this case even a touch of dance and jazz).  

“Jesus Of New Orleans”

The disc includes two tracks just like an old school “45” vinyl single. In fact, the CD is decorated like a small record. Spann handles lead vocals, piano, keyboards, bass, and guitar. He is backed by other artists including Cecil Robbington (drums and percussion), and St. Louis native John Covelli (trombone).

Track by Track

“Jesus Of New Orleans”

Released with a supporting music video, The single is fun and nostalgic. It tells the tuneful tale of the title character Jesus Of New Orleans in an entertaining, evocative fashion.  

The music is not only a blend of different genres but it’s also inspired by different eras. This is surprisingly well-expressed in the accompanying music video. The full or dance version has a running time of almost 10 minutes.     

“Jesus Of New Orleans (Radio Edit)”

The flipside, so to speak, or track two is a shorter, more radio-friendly edit of the song. This version is still a solid four minutes. Both would work quite well on college radio, of course.

Overall . . .

Overall, this CD single is a welcome release not only to his fans but to anyone who likes music that’s truly new and different. Spann has a way of blending the familiar with the foreign and the commonplace with the unusual. If that inspires on intrigues you, then you simply must check out Jack Spann’s new single and be saved by “Jesus Of New Orleans.” 

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