Now Playing: Meghan Hayes’ ‘Seen Enough Leavers’

Image courtesy of Meghan Hayes

Meghan Hayes is prepping to release her new album on May 31st.  It’s titled, Seen Enough Leavers. But first, for those not yet familiar with Hayes, a bit of background:

Meghan Hayes

Image: Meghan Hayes

Meghan Hayes is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and guitarist.  Her songwriting has roots that harken back to her college days.  She says:

“I attended Swarthmore College, where I studied English and ecology. It was also where I started to earn my stripes as a poet, which would so influence many of my early songs.”

Her rockin’ resume includes a pair of previous full-length albums, a single 7-inch vinyl single and contributions to a couple of compilation albums.  On her official website, Hayes goes into details about what came prior to her upcoming platter.  She adds:

“[A]fter two critically acclaimed albums, opening dates with some of country and rock’s top musicians, and appearances at some of the most storied venues across the country, I landed in Nashville to write my third record. I’ve opened for and shared the stage with a diverse group of musicians, including Hal Ketchum, Tift Merritt, Freedy Johnston, Robbie Fulks, and Ashley McBride. I’ve performed at The Bluebird, The Birchmere, Genghis Cohen, The Family Wash, CBGBs, and Iota (R.I.P.), and a hundred other venues in cities and towns all over this country and abroad.”

Her signature sound is difficult for some to describe.  It is a mix of musical genres including Americana, folk, country, and pop.

Seen Enough Leavers

Her third disc, Seen Enough Leavers, follows the finish of her lengthy marriage.  Some say the making of it may have served as a cathartic cleansing as it includes themes of coping, moving ahead and persevering.  Here Hayes (vocals and acoustic guitar) is backed by Audley Freed (electric guitar and 12-string acoustic guitar), Goffrey Moore (acoustic guitar), Thayer Sarrano (pedal steel and piano), producer Dex Green (bass, guitar, piano, organ, mellotron and backing vocals), and Tommi Rautiainen (drums).

Hayes says they “are easily some of the most talented humans I’ve ever met, with huge hearts to match, and I’m humbled that they would be part of this project.”

Track by track

This ten-track album of all original material opens on “Georgette.”  Hayes vocals make her simple folk song something that is ethereal, slightly sad and almost haunting.

The title track, “Seen Enough Leavers”, picks up the pace but Hayes vocals remain consistent in quality.  Anyone over 30 should grasp the concept behind the song.  Listen to the lyrics: “Time’s the fastest thing I know/It’s run away with everything I’ve had to show.”

“This Summer’s Sleeper” was co-written with David McKittrick and Michael Large.  It’s actually one of the best cuts here.  It features Jamie Rubin on electric guitar.Also included here is “Burley.”  It has a slower tempo but that’s what makes it work.

“Potholes” is an unusual song with particularly interesting lyrical moments.  It is labeled “explicit” due to the singular creative and effective use of one profanity.  Quite frankly, it makes the musical message real.

The next number is “Cora.”  Hayes’ her signature sound still remains solid.

“A Birthday In The Pawnshop (Morristown)”  is a vibrant song-story told from the perspective a dead person.  It’s truly worthy of attention despite being previously released on a 2006 compilation called The Other Side: Music From East Nashville.

“Second To Last Stand” is sadly overshadowed by the previous piece.  In truth, it is another stand out track.  The song has a full sound, a message and it moves   Derry DeBorja appears on mellotron.

“Next Time Around” is a song about the end of a relationship.  It notes how when the end comes, even your own home may no longer feel like home anymore.  Mando Saenz provides additional vocals on this contemplative cut.

“Story of My Life” is the perfect album endnote for the album.  It features Derry DeBorja on accordion.  It’s simple but sincere.

Overall, the album is an often intimate audio offering.  The material is honestly poignant and heartfelt.  She shares her thoughts and bares her soul.  So check out Meghan Hayes’ Seen Enough Leavers because you might not get a chance “Next Time Around.”