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Freeway Jubilee
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 The Freeway Jubilee is prepping for the release of their upcoming album. It’s titled On The Horizon Vol. 1 and drops on November 12th. But first, for those not yet familiar with the act in question, a bit o’ background.

The Freeway Jubilee

Freeway Jubilee
The Freeway Jubilee/Image courtesy of TFJ

The band, once known as The Freeway Revival, is an Ashville, North Carolina-born collective of songwriters formed in 2015. The band roster includes twin brothers Adam Clayton on keyboards and vocals and Jonathan Clayton on guitar and vocals. It also features Kenny Crowley on bass and vocals, Cartwright Brandon on drums, and Hunter Parker on saxophone and backing vocals.

Beyond their busy tour schedule, their resume features a few previous platters. They include their 2016 self-titled EP, their 2017 debut disc Revolution Road, and the digital-only album The Revival Days. They’ve shared a stage with such other artists as Big Something, Dangermuffin, Zach Deputy, Dumpstaphunk, Everyone Orchestra, Larry Keel, Toubab Krewe, Lukas Nelson, Melvin Seals, and Keller Williams.  

According to the act’s official website, they strive to make “the live experience unforgettable, and the journey is ongoing and exponential as the[y allow] the livelihood of what they do to shape their sound and experience – thus forming their mantra ‘Live the Freeway’.”

Signature Sound 

The Freeway Jubilee’s signature sound is a mix of multiple music genres including (but not necessarily limited to) country, funk, southern rock, gospel, and soul. On their official website, they describe it as “an explosive blend of psychedelic rock, gospel roots, mountain music, funk.” They are inspired by “the real life experiences of a traveling band on the current American landscape.” 

On The Horizon Vol. 1  

The Freeway Jubilee’s On The Horizon Vol. 1 is their fourth multi-track release. It is a seven-track, independently-released recording of their original compositions. Here the band is occasionally backed by other artists to be noted in the next section.  

Track by Track

The album opens on the optimistic “In Motion.” It’s an energetic album opener and an effective intro to the act for any new listeners. Yet, it only foreshadows what is to come.

The upbeat energy continues on the second selection, “Sunlight Stream.” This funky track features Jacob Bruner on trombone, Michael Crawford on harmonica, and Myles Dunder on alto and tenor sax.  

The next number is “Not The Same.” It’s a catchy country-rock suite and the second-longest track on the CD with a running time of over nine minutes. It’s a solid selection and interesting enough that you won’t notice though, so no worries there.  

The album’s longest track is “Rugged & Free.” With a running time of close to 10 minutes, it comes complete with welcome sometimes subtle shifts in music genre and style and a tuneful tip of the hat or two to other artists as it focuses on the history of American music, literature, and art. It features guest musician Freddie Barry on guitar.

“Let Me Try” is a fitting ballad. It is also the early, first single off the project. Barry returns on guitar.  “Reachin’” is injected with a significant amount of rock and soul. The band’s signature sound is still steadfast and solid. 

The closing cut is “Humble Song.” Here the band once more demonstrates just what they can do. It is perhaps the best example of the group’s true musical roots.


Overall, this album is an individualistic audio offering of unique compositions. Longtime fans will acknowledge the impact of Parker’s 2019 addition and how his contributions have helped to flesh out the group’s musical evolution and furthered the fluidity of the act’s current tuneful trademark. So check out The Freeway Jubilee’s On The Horizon Vol. 1 and enjoy their not-so “Humble Song.”