Now Playing: Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll’s ‘Takin’ our Time’

Image courtesy of Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll

Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll have just released a new album. It’s titled Takin’ our Time. But first, for those not yet familiar with the act in question, a bit o’ background.

Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll

Coll and Jacobs/Image courtesy of Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll is a pair of performers based in Berlin, Germany. They have reportedly helped to enliven the blues scene and elsewhere. Will Jacobs is a native of Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is a singer-songwriter and musician and seasoned touring performer.

Marcos Coll is an experienced studio musician who has recorded with such Spanish bands as Siniestro Total and has contributed to film and television soundtracks. His main influence is his musician uncle and artist Ñaco Goñi. He is also an international performer.

Signature sound

Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll’s signature sound is a mix of music genres, including blues, blues rock, modern blues, funk, soul, and zydeco.

Takin’ our Time

Takin’ our Time is the result of the tuneful team-up of both artists. On this audio offering, they are not backed by any additional studio musicians. It is essentially just Jacobs (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals) and Coll (harmonica).

Track by track

The 9-track album opens on “It Ain’t Safe.” It is one of only two covers on the disc. This is the act’s adaptation of a song by Clarence Carter and George Jackson. It’s upbeat, slightly funky, and soulful and yet doesn’t stray too far from the blues.

The second selection is “Going To Berlin.” This is the first original cut composed by Jacobs. It’s an orthodox shuffle with stylized guitar riffs that still has an old school sound.

Next is the mid-tempo tune “What U Doing.” It is vaguely reminiscent of something from the 1970s with just the right amount of funk.

“C.J.’s Bounce” includes some funk blues instrumental work reminiscent of something by someone like James Brown.

The second and final cover cut here is next. Jacobs and Coll give us their tuneful take on Deadric Malone’s “Stranded”. It’s got a definite St. Louis Blues feel to it.

“Hey Baby” is rooted in 1960s Chicago blues. It features a two-step bounce that no doubt makes it a great dance track for blues fans.

“Blues Cazorla Boogie” is an instrumental that reveals what the guys can do when they collaborate on a composition. It grabs the attention and holds it too.

The artistic influences are evident on “One Too Many Times” as it all comes together here. It just works.

The closing cut is “Going To Berlin (Live).” This is a stripped-down, raw reprise of the above-mentioned song recorded live with Jacobs on guitar and Coll on harmonica. It proves they can entertain free of studio track magic.

Overall, the album is a fine example of the different cultures being able to connect and unite in an international effort through the universal language of music spoken in the dialect of the blues. So check out Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll’s Takin’ our Time because “It Ain’t Safe” to miss it.