Random Readings: Baseball Card Collectors

baseball cards
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Baseball Card Collectors

Baseball card collecting is a traditional hobby that can be traced back to the 1800s. Today more people collect baseball cards than collect any other kind of sports cards. Of course, critics are quick to note that baseball cards have been produced longer than other sports cards. Still, one certainly wonders about the people who collect baseball cards especially in this day and age when there are so many new choices in hobbies and entertainment.

baseball cards
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Baseball card collectors come in all shapes and sizes. While a majority of collectors are male there are many females who collect as well. Additionally, this particular hobby knows no limits regarding age, race, religion or sexual orientation either! Research has shown that collectors can be as unique as the cards themselves.


The motives of the collectors, of course, are not so varied. Collectors choose this hobby because they either love the game, think of it as a good investment or both. Some collectors may begin as baseball fans that simply think it’s a fun hobby, later learn the potential value of some cards and continue to collect for both reasons.

baseball cards
Your random writer collects cards of his old school friend amie Moyer/Image courtesy of eBay

Some collectors are also sports fans in general and collect other sports cards as well. They find a thrill in hunting down special insert cards, rookie cards and even autographed cards. Perhaps the smartest collectors are those who focus on gathering cards that they like whether others find them of value or not.

Some invest a lot of time and money and become so serious about the hobby they turn this interest into a career and become dealers and shop owners. Others simply find it an enjoyable pastime. Regardless of their personal preferences and the degree of their devotion they all agree that it is something that can be a life-long interest.