Random Writings: Anklets

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Random Writings is a series of assorted web content assignments originally authored for and previously published on now-defunct websites. These pieces were additionally republished a second time with an added first-person introduction in hopes of making them interesting. The subjects are varied and (duh) random. While your randy writer has been previously paid for his artistic efforts, as anyone on this website must admit, it’s nice to have one’s writing read. Hence, this series.


Seen her at the bar with anklets and toe rings — LL Cool J

Your rascally writer has written only once about jewelry (if toe rings count anyway). Otherwise, he knows nothing about it. Sure, he wore necklaces in the 1970s, didn’t everyone? He did not, however, even get an earring until he was well into his 30s. . . and even then that was for a woman! (He has dated women with all sorts of things pierced but that hardly qualifies him as a jeweler. That only qualifies him as what kids used to call “a player.”)

Since almost the beginning of time women have found ways to adorn their bodies. One such age-old decoration is jewelry. In this case, we are speaking specifically about anklets. Anklets, also known as ankle bracelets or ankle chains are ornaments for the ankle.

How long have women been wearing anklets? Some sources indicate that anklets made of bronze hearken back to the Bronze Age in Europe. It is believed that women in hordes wore anklets as early as 1800 BC due largely to the influence of the Tumulus culture that spread along the Danube through the Alpine foreland, up the Rhine all the way to the Atlantic and down the Rhone.

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Sometimes I think about anklets – Unknown

Historically speaking, anklets have also been worn for hundreds of years by married women in the country of India. In America, the anklet (in any style) did not come into fashion until the late 1900s. In western culture, both young men and women sometimes wear anklets of leather and people often wear anklets when barefooted. Anklets made of beads and precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, are considered to be more of a formal wear item and are often worn by women.

In countries such as India, anklets, and toe rings are the most common items of jewelry worn by women. Furthermore, they are almost as essential to weddings there as rings are to American weddings. In a few countries in the Middle East, ankle chains are connected to other lengths of chain and used to limit the step of a woman. This was once thought to be an acceptable method to give women a shorter, tripping step, which was considered to be more feminine. Fortunately, for women today, this practice is very rare and not often seen in public.

Rings on every single finger/With your braided hair/Got your tattoo with your kid’s name/And your anklet on, too — Next