‘Something’ in Music 159

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Something in music: origin

One evening at a hot, trendy L.A. nightclub on a rare solo outing, yours truly found himself standing alone at the bar preparing to review the upcoming act. Before he had taken more than a few notes, however, he was bookended by a pair of vivacious vixens who insisted on engaging your rockin’ writer in cozy conversation. Strangely, the subject of “marriage” arose.

One of the young ladies noted that when a gal is about to get hitched she needs “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Your provocative penman was immediately inspired. After all, those very same terms could be applied to music too: “Something old” or classic, “something new” or recently released, “something borrowed”, a cover, and “something blue”, a blues song or a song with “blue” in the title. The rest is history.

‘Something’ in Music 159

Something Old

Our “something old” this edition is the classic cut “Live With Me” by the Brit band the Rolling Stones.  The song was co-written by members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  It’s off their 1969 platter Let It Bleed.  It was the first tune recorded with their new guitarist Mick Taylor. 

Something New

Our “something new” for this edition is “So Familar” by the American romantic country duo, Poppyiris. Poppyiris consists of singer-songwriter and producer Deedee O’Malley and fellow recording artist Mike Lusk. According to their official website, they “both grew up singing background harmonies for artists such as Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Chris Cagel, Stephen Bishop, Glen Campbell, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert” and others.  What is this song really about?  

In a brief social media message the performing pair posed this question: “Have you ever felt like you and your soul mate might have known each other before this life or even been married or together before?”  They added: “[If so], then this song and music video is for you!”

Something Borrowed

Our “something borrowed” this time is the song “Blue Bayou.”  The song was co-written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson in 1963.  It became singer Linda Ronstadt’s signature sound in 1977.  

This fun, memorable 2009 demo cover is by the former Interscope act and Stevie Nicks tribute artist Katie Shorey.  The Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter briefly commented on her version on social media saying: “I made this from studio footage for fun.  It’s the demo version,” she smiled.

Something Blue

Finally, our “something blue” this edition is the blues bit “Mauna Loa Blues (Live)” by Hawaiian Slack Key guitarist and composer George Kuo.  The track first appeared on his 1996 release titled Aloha No Na Kupuna ‘Love for the Elders’One of the last elders of Hawaiian music, Kuo will be performing at the biggest Hawaiian music event of the year, the Southern California Slack Key Festival on Sunday, January 16, 2022, at 2:00 pm at The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in Redondo Beach, California.

There will also be performances by Alan Akaka, Patrick “Kaipo” Asing, Pomaika’i & Malie Lyman, Makana, Kenneth Makuakane, Ian O’Sullivan, Patrick Landeza & Sons, Jeff Peterson and Jim “Kimo” West. The event will also include a free Island Marketplace from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm where you will discover a number of different island-themed gifts, accessories, apparel, home decor, and more. There will also be Hawaiian food, authentic island-style shave ice, and additional outdoor entertainment. Ticket prices are between $20.00 and $55.00.

VIP Tickets are $135.00 and include premiere seating, mingling with the entertainers, ono food, and giveaways. Parking is free. For tickets and further information visit https://www.kalakoa.com.

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Did we mention your favorite “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? If not, let us know. Don’t forget to send us your sexy or funny bride photos too!