‘Something’ in Music 180

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Something in music: origin

One evening at a hot, trendy L.A. nightclub on a rare solo outing, yours truly found himself standing alone at the bar preparing to review the upcoming act. Before he had taken more than a few notes, however, he was bookended by a pair of vivacious vixens who insisted on engaging your rockin’ writer in cozy conversation. Strangely, the subject of “marriage” arose.

One of the young ladies noted that when a gal is about to get hitched she needs “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Your provocative penman was immediately inspired. After all, those very same terms could be applied to music too: “Something old” or classic, “something new” or recently released, “something borrowed”, a cover, and “something blue”, a blues song or a song with “blue” in the title. The rest is history.

‘Something’ in Music 180

Something Old

Our “something old” this edition is the classic cut “Summertime” sung by American singer-songwriter Janis Joplin.  This 1934 song was co-written by American composer George Gershwin and lyricist DuBose Heyward.  Joplin’s adaptation originally appeared on the 1968 platter Cheap Thrills by the American rock group Big Brother and the Holding Company.  

Something New

Our “something new” this time is this new music video for her composition titled “Twilight Moment Solo.” This instrumental was written and recorded by the award-winning Australian pianist, vocalist, and composer Fiona Joy Hawkins.  It is the closing cut off her most recent release titled Moving Through Worlds which dropped in 2020.  (Watch for a possible review of the disc in a future edition of “Listen Again.”)     

Something Borrowed

Our “something borrowed” this time is the song “Stacy’s Mom” by the American rock group Fountains of Wayne. It was co-written by band members Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood for the band’s 2003 disc, Welcome Interstate ManagersThis tuneful tribute is by the Erie, Pennsylvania-based rock band known as First to Eleven.  The act’s roster includes Audra Miller on vocals, Matt Yost on guitar, Ryan Krysiak on bass, and Sam Gilman on drums.

Something Blue 

Finally, our “something blue” this edition is the song “Blues Down Home” by San Diego, California native blues chanteuse Whitney Shay.  The song is off her 2018 disc titled A Woman Rules the World.  If you’re in the area and would like to see her perform live, the vivacious vocalist will be performing live Saturday, March 19th at The Cove Bar & Grill in Murietta. 

Showtime is 8:30 pm.  There is no cover charge.  The Cove is located at 40675 Murietta Hot Springs Road, Suite B1 in Murietta, California. 

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Did we mention your favorite “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? If not, let us know. Don’t forget to send us your sexy or funny bride photos too!