‘Something’ in Music 234

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Something in music: origin

One evening at a hot, trendy L.A. nightclub on a rare solo outing, yours truly found himself standing alone at the bar preparing to review the upcoming act. Before he had taken more than a few notes, however, he was bookended by a pair of vivacious vixens who insisted on engaging your rockin’ writer in cozy conversation. Strangely, the subject of “marriage” arose.

One of the young ladies noted that when a gal is about to get hitched, she needs “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Your provocative penman was immediately inspired. After all, those very same terms could be applied to music too: “Something old” or classic, “something new” or recently released, “something borrowed”, a cover, and “something blue”, a blues song or a song with “blue” in the title. The rest is history.

‘Something’ in Music 234

Something Old

Our “something old” this edition is the classic cut “Moonlight Drive” written and recorded by the American rock group the Doors. It first appeared on their second full-length studio platter Strange Days which hit the record racks in 1967. The song was edited down in order to be included as the flip side of the single “Love Me Two Times.”

Something New

Our “something new” this edition is the new music video for the song “Brave” by American singer-songwriter and musician Ali Handal. She recently discussed the new music video on social media. Handal said: 

“After 20+ years as a solo artist, I FINALLY decided to make an ‘official’ music video! Since the musicians who actually played on the recording of ‘Brave’ were out on tour, I asked some brilliantly talented (and cute!) friends to step in as my video band. Thanks so much to Ben White, Marisa Testa, and Susie Major for rockin’ out beside me, to Mark Ludmer for filming & editing, to George Skarpelos for audio playback & Anthony Betance for doing my hair and makeup (and wiping the sweat off my brow every ten minutes!) Also huge thanks to my co-writer Patricia Bahia, and producer Seth Atkins Horan. Hope you dig it and do something BRAVE today!”

Something Borrowed

Our “something borrowed” this time is the song “Killing Me Softly with His Song” co-written by Charles Fox, Norman Gimbel, and Lori Lieberman. It was first recorded by Lieberman in 1972, and arguably most famously covered by Roberta Flack in 1973. This more recent cover of the song is by singer Sayuri Iwamoto and pianist Yukako Yamano Their performance was released on March 7, 2020.

If you’d like to see Yukako Yamano perform live, you’re in luck! According to a recent e-communique jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Yamano and blues singer-songwriter and arranger Michelly Cordova are currently on “their US road tour, from Los Angeles to New York City.” The performing pair also announced that they will soon be releasing a new collaborative album titled 7 Years of Luck. (Keep your eyes peeled for a possible future review of the work right here!)

Something Blue

Finally, our “something blue” this edition is the blues bit titled “Graveyard Dream Blues” written and first recorded by American singer and vaudeville performer Ida Cox. Recorded back in 1923 as a pre-war 78 r.p.m. single, Cox was accompanied by Lovie Austin and Her Blues Serenaders. 

Image courtesy of Rock N Roll Bride

Did we mention your favorite “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? If not, let us know. Don’t forget to send us your bride photos too!