‘Something’ in Music 238

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Something in music: origin

One evening at a hot, trendy L.A. nightclub on a rare solo outing, yours truly found himself standing alone at the bar preparing to review the upcoming act. Before he had taken more than a few notes, however, he was bookended by a pair of vivacious vixens who insisted on engaging your rockin’ writer in cozy conversation. Strangely, the subject of “marriage” arose.

One of the young ladies noted that when a gal is about to get hitched, she needs “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Your provocative penman was immediately inspired. After all, those very same terms could be applied to music too: “Something old” or classic, “something new” or recently released, “something borrowed”, a cover, and “something blue”, a blues song or a song with “blue” in the title. The rest is history.

‘Something’ in Music 238

Something Old

Our “something old” in this edition is the classic cut “The Voice” recorded by the English rock group The Moody Blues. It was written by band member Justin Hayward and was the second single off their 1981 vinyl Long Distance Voyager. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Something New

Our “something new” this edition is the new song “Signs” by US rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer Christel South now professionally known as Empress Kush. Her previous tracks include “I Just Wanna F*** Elon Musk”, “The Rona”, and “Coke Dick.” In an e-communique Kush commented on the cut.  

She said: “I wrote ‘Signs’ because this year has been buoyed by a pattern of synchronicities too numerous to dismiss as mere coincidence. The chorus ‘made these goals so my dreams could die’ refers to a shift in my thinking: A decision to view a successful music career as a concrete goal that can be achieved by learning and working, rather than a fanciful dream that I just hope will happen if I post my links on social media.”  

Something Borrowed

Our “something borrowed” this time is The Rolling Stones’ “Let It Bleed”. It was co-written by band members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and is the title track from their 1969 platter of the same name. This is a lively live cover of the song by the swampy-roots rock group Dave Jordan and the Neighborhood Improvement Association a.k.a. NIA.  

It was recorded at The Square in New Orleans, Louisiana in May 2014. It features musical guests bassist George Porter, Jr, and sax player Jeff Watkins. (If you’d like to hear what Jordan is up to now, keep your eyes open for a feature article on his long-awaited, latest release titled Keep Going.)   

Something Blue

Finally, our “something blue” in this edition is the song “These Blues Are All Mine” by Louisiana blues guitarist Tab Benoit. It’s the title track from his album These Blues Are All Mine which dropped in 1999. Benoit, on lead vocals and guitar, is often backed by such other artists as Carl Dufrene (bass), Jimmy Carpenter (saxophone), Daryll White (drums), Cyril Neville (percussion and vocals), and Big Chief Monk Boudreaux (tambourine and vocals). If you’d like to hear more of his music and are in the area, Benoit is currently on the road touring.  

something in
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Did we mention your favorite “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? If not, let us know. Don’t forget to send us your bride photos too!