Stuck in your Head 50

stuck in your head
Image courtesy of rickydeanhall

Every morning your rascally writer rises to greet the day. He stumbles into the bathroom, drops his Justice League jammie bottoms, steps into the shower and soon finds himself singing Led Zeppelin’s “Dancin’ Days.” It’s not even his favorite Led Zep tune.

Nevertheless, the song remains stuck in his head until he does the only thing he can to clear it out. He sings the entire theme song to either “The Flintstones” or “Gilligan’s Island.” He finds some comfort in the fact that he is not alone.

Suffering from earworms is not an uncommon phenomenon. This continuing series was born from the concept that misery loves company. Now hear this . . .

“Don’t Stop Believin’

Oliver had “Don’t Stop Believin’ by the American rock band Journey.  It was first featured on  their 1981 LP Escape.  This was the second single from the release.  The song was co-written by Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, and Neal Schon.  It hit number nine in the US.

“Push It”

Someone we will call “Anonymous” was suffering from Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”  The hip hop act first dropped the song as the flipside of their 1987 single “Tramp.”  They released again as its own single the following year.  It was written by producer Hurby Azor and The Kinks’ Ray Davies.

“Misty Mountain Hop”

Fred submitted the earworm “Misty Mountain Hop.”  The song is by the English rock band Led Zeppelin.  The track was first featured on their untitled fourth album, put out  in 1971.  It was written by John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.  It was the B-Side of their single “Black Dog.”

“Jungle Love”

Penny was perplexed by “Jungle Love.”  “Jungle Love” is a song by the Steve Miller Band.  It’s off the group’s 1977 platter Book of Dreams.  The song was written by SMB bassist Lonnie Turner and San Fran sideman Greg Douglass.   It reached number 23 on the famous Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Underdog Theme”

A local crossing guard submitted the “Underdog Theme” and blames it on both reruns of the cartoon series and the live-action motion picture running on cable TV.  Underdog was an American cartoon series that originally aired from October 1964 until 1973.  Wally Cox was the voice of the canine superhero Underdog.

Bonus Earworm

Finally, our Bonus Earworm this time is “The Final Countdown.”  The tune is by the Swedish rock group Europe.  The track is off the 1986 album of the same name.  It was written by Joey Tempest.  The lyrics were inspired by the late David Bowie’s classic cut “Space Oddity.”

Old classics, hip hop hit or  otherwise. You never know what could get stuck in your head. Do you have any annoying earworms?

Care to share? We’re here for you. Let us know what’s stuck in your head in the comments section and we just might share it right here!