Stuck in your Head 54

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Series origin

Every morning your rascally writer rises to greet the day. He stumbles into the bathroom, drops his Justice League jammy bottoms, steps into the shower and soon finds himself singing Led Zeppelin’s “Dancin’ Days.” It’s not even his favorite Led Zep tune!

Nevertheless, the song remains stuck in his head until he does the only thing he can to clear it out. He sings the entire theme song to either “The Flintstones” or “Gilligan’s Island.” He finds some comfort in the fact that he is not alone. Suffering from earworms is not an uncommon occurrence. This continuing series was born from the concept that misery loves company. Now hear this . . .

“The Streak”

Norma B. reminds us that not all earworms are evil even if they are overly insistent. She submitted the comedic cut called “The Streak.” It’s by Ray Stevens and first appeared on his 1974 LP Boogity Boogity. Norma concludes: “Ethellllllll! [I] love it!”

“They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

American photographer/videographer Anjani Lynn White suffered from the earworm “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” This 1966 comedic cut was written and recorded by Jerry Samuels a.k.a. Napoleon XIV. It was put out on Warner Bros. Records. It climbed to 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 popular music singles chart.


Mike M. suffers from the persistence of “Stay” by American singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb. He notes that Loeb did a recent acoustic video version of her song to tie it into the Coronavirus crisis (#stayathome). It was originally released back in 1994. It was the first single off the original movie soundtrack Reality Bites (1994).


Scott once had this tune sunk in his noggin. It’s by comedian and actor Denis Leary. It was written by Richard Ross. More recently, Melly Mel dedicated the cut to “ all the toilet paper hoarders of coronavirus 2020.” It was the only single off his 1993 album No Cure for Cancer.


Sandra P. has “Habanera” from the opera Carmen stuck in her cabaso. She says: “It’s been stuck in my head since watching Going My Way around Christmas several years ago. It gets temporarily replaced now and then but always returns.” She adds: “It’s great for singing in the shower [because of the] acoustics.”  (There’s also this version, too.)

Bonus Earworm

The bonus earworm this edition is “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The song is by Brit singer-songwriter Rick Astley. It was first released as a single on July 27, 1987. It was the lead single from his premiere platter, Whenever You Need Somebody, which dropped the same year.

Classic cuts, seasonal selections or anything else. You never know what could get stuck in your head. Do you have any annoying earworms?

Care to share? We’re here for you. Let us know what’s stuck in your head in the comments section and we just might share it right here!