Stuck in your Head 55

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Every morning your rascally writer rises to greet the day. He stumbles into the bathroom, drops his Justice League jammy bottoms, steps into the shower and soon finds himself singing Led Zeppelin’s “Dancin’ Days.” It’s not even his favorite Led Zep tune!

Nevertheless, the song remains stuck in his head until he does the only thing he can to clear it out. He sings the entire theme song to either “The Flintstones” or “Gilligan’s Island.” He finds some comfort in the fact that he is not alone. Suffering from earworms is not an uncommon occurrence. This continuing series was born from the concept that misery loves company. Now hear this . . .

“Mickey Mouse (Club) March”

Mike M. says: “There is that damn ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ song. I’m suffering through that on a daily basis.” The theme song is from the old, classic TV show. Since 1955 the show has almost always been on the air in one incarnation or another. It was written by the official host Jimmie Dodd.


M.B. submitted “Wow.” “Wow” is by beautiful Brit singer-songwriter Kate Bush. The Pink Floyd-inspired showbiz song first appeared on the sexy siren’s second audio offering Lionheart which dropped in 1978. It was released as the album’s second single in 1979 and made the “Top 20” in the UK.


Deb K. submitted this novelty song was composed and initially recorded by the American singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson. It was the third single off his 1971 platter, Nilsson Schmilsson. The song camped out on the U.S. Billboard charts for a total of 14 weeks where it climbed as high as number eight.


Vincent succumbed to “Funkytown” after watching an old episode of a “Will & Grace.” This disco number was written by musician and producer Steven Greenberg with vocals by Cynthia Johnson and credited under the name Lipps Inc. The track is off their 1979 debut disc Mouth to Mouth. It was released as a single in 1980.

“China Girl”

An anonymous contributor had the late, great David Bowie’s “China Girl” stuck in his head. Bowie co-wrote this one with Iggy Pop during their time in Berlin. The tune first appeared on Pop’s premiere platter The Idiot in 1977. The tune became big only after being re-recorded by Bowie in 1983 for his Let’s Dance LP.

“Baby Got Back”

Bill had this one crammed in his cranium “on and off for months.” This hip hop song harkens back to 1992. It was recorded by the American rap artist Sir Mix-a-Lot for his 1992 CD Mack Daddy. It was briefly banned by MTV because of its references to lady’s buttocks.

Bonus Earworm

The bonus earworm this edition is “Don’t Stop Believin’.” This one’s by the American rock group Journey. The song was the second single off the band’s seventh album, Escape which hit the stores 1981. The tune entered the Billboard Hot 100 at 56 upon release and climbed as high as number nine.

Classic cuts, novelty numbers, or anything else. You never know what could get stuck in your head. Do you have any annoying earworms?

Care to share? We’re here for you. Let us know what’s stuck in your head in the comments section and we just might share it right here!